Voice tips

Voice tips from a professional voice coach.

If you are giving a presentation – 38% of your communication is vocal.

Common problems in vocal delivery during a presentation include the voice sounding;

  1. aggressive
  2. unconvincing
  3. bored
  4. emotional
  5. monotonous

Here are some basic tips from a Professional Voice coach that may help you to improve your vocal delivery.

Before giving your presentation:

Be well prepared and rehearsed – write out your text in full, reduce to note format. Rehearse your speech aloud making eye contact with your audience.

Look after your voice! – Drink plenty of water the night before – avoid red wine cheese and anything with caffeine.

On the day:

Remember to breathe – in a pressured situation, the untrained voice can become constricted, and the breathing shallow.

Find your balance – knees unlocked, head up and shoulders released down.

TBS sequence – think, breathe, and speak!

New Thought, New Pitch – vary your pitch to convey a new point or message

These tips have been supplied by Professional Voice – a business voice coaching company.


Published On: 5th Aug 2012

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1 Comment
  1. These are good tips. I would add that you should also perform some exercises to warm your voice up. I tend to do these exercises in the car on the way to a presentation as they are perfect to do in the car when no one is watching

    Mr Presentation Skills 23 Aug at 9:27 pm