Use Less “I” and More “They” in Presentations

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The fastest way to improve your presentations and your presentation skills is to get over yourself.

Once you get over the idea that the presentation is about you, then getting up in front of the room or in front of a camera gets far easier.

There’s a powerful shift that takes place when you change one thing about your approach to presentations: your focus.

The shift in focus of your presentations

When you focus less on yourself and more on the needs of your audience, magic happens. The audience connects more with you when you focus more on them.

I call it the shift from less “I” to more “They” in presentations.

Move past thoughts like these:

I don’t like how I look on camera.

I don’t like how I feel in front of the room.

I don’t want to look stupid.

Instead ask yourself a “they” question:

What do they need from me?

What message or insight can I share that they will really appreciate?

What do they need to hear today?

That one shift of focus can change lives, all around the world. I’ve seen it happen and you will too in this video.

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Published On: 8th Dec 2017

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