15 min presentation for a internal job interview

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Urgent Help Needed

Urgent Help Needed

I have a just been informed that i will be required to do a 15 min presentation for a internal job interview, which i have in under 48hrs. We are a custodial company and run court bulidings cell areas the position is of senior officer. The subject is on how you would take the place into the next year and beyond, i have really no idea how to even approach this as i have never had to give a presentation before.

All help would be greatly received.

Many thanks

Stay Calm!

The first thing to remember is that you must being doing something right if you are already being considered for an internal promotion.

Try to imagine yourself in the job today. What are the problems you know about? How would you fix them? What are the things you would think would make the service run better or just make things easier for people? What’s the things that you would not change? There’s bound to be things that you would need to take forward as is.

Also think of time scales. Shopping lists of ideas are one thing, but you can not do everything but next week. What are the priorities? Put thing in a sensible time frame… we could achive this in 30 days, this in 3 months and this in a year..

Say what help / resources you’d need too. No man is an island. Who would you especially need to work closely with.

Be careful of time too. Just pick 3 main themes and go for it..

good luck

And keep on it simple.. and POSITIVE… do not just trash what is there now..


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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