URGENT – Finance team presentation

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URGENT – Finance team presentation

URGENT – Finance team presentation


I have a presentation in 3 days and I need urgent help with ideas to make my presentation interesting/fun/interactive?? I head up the finance team and am doing a presentation to the whole company on how the finance team can help them / provide useful reports/information. I’m also introducing new members of our team.

Any ideas??

Thanks a bunch

Hi Kelly,
hopefully this reaches you in time for your presentation, just a few pointers.
1. keep it simple
2. keep it concise (don’t go off on tangents)
3. less is more
4. try not to go overboard on the sounds, animations and transitions, they will just make the whole thing look unprofessional if not done right
5. limit the amount of information per page, its better to have a few more pages than cram everything onto less pages
6. by all means use images and clip art, but try to limit that to 1 or two per page, use it to emphasise individual messages, don’t use them to make up for a lack of message (the last thing you want is for people to get the wrong message because they misunderstood what your image was about)

Does your company have a good ppt template set up already?
If it does, try to keep within their guidelines. Make sure your boxes are aligned, and that the whole document has a consistency about it.

Nothing looks worse than slides that actually look like they have been copied out of different ppt packs.

Hope these hints help a bit.

Good luck,



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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