Union Jack Template

Union Jack Template
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Union Jack Template. The British flag flying on a dark background.

Has a wide range of uses.

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Published On: 2nd Oct 2006

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  1. LOVE IT !! thanxx 😀

    sherly 4 Oct at 8:04 pm
  2. Hey cheers

    Harry 22 Nov at 11:35 am
  3. I really like the templates, but could anyone please tell me how I can change/remove the “your name” in the corners?

    Moritz 8 Dec at 9:17 pm
  4. To change the “Your name” part just go into the slide master

    View > Slide Master from the main menu

    admin 9 Dec at 6:41 pm
  5. Thank you very much.

    Moritz 9 Dec at 11:16 pm
  6. great templates really useful designs

    Nick van man 8 Apr at 11:30 pm
  7. it is just amazing and your work is fantastic this is enough to say

    sana ullah khan 13 Apr at 8:44 am
  8. this is verrrrrry cooool

    lily 11 Jan at 12:08 pm
  9. is it for free?

    lara 29 Mar at 12:34 pm
  10. just what I was looking for..

    stefan witka 10 Jul at 6:49 pm
  11. Excellent template that I plan to use for a lecture. Very big thank you for this professional product!

    m kay 10 Sep at 6:56 pm
  12. thank you so much – using it for a ppt template for my creative industries class in my masters program

    youre the man!!

    Anonymous 29 Jul at 5:53 pm
  13. I wish to remove the lettering from this template and use it in a website. Can you please tell me how i remove the lettering AND copy/save this template in Vista as i cant use Powerpoint because i dont have a product key so it limits my use.

    Anonymous 20 Aug at 8:34 pm
  14. Thank you so much! I was looking for exactly like this.

    Yuka 19 Aug at 12:00 pm
  15. Fab templates my 11 year old son used for school PP presentation on UK. Thank you

    Jenny 22 Oct at 5:26 pm