trying to write a speech for my grandads funeral

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trying to write a speech for my grandads funeral

trying to write a speech for my grandads funeral

hi my grandad is not dead but he is dying of cancer and he wants me and my little brother to write a speech at his funeral because we are his closet grandchildren but we cant think of anything to write. i was hoping someone on here might be able to help me out please? thanks

At the funeral, talk to him as though he is there (he is).

Tell him how much he’s influenced you, how much he’s helped you.
Tell him how much you love him, and how much you’ll miss him.
Tell him how proud you are of the things he achieved in his life.
Tell him you are going to uphold his values,
and that you’re going to make him proud
of the things you will do in your life.
There’s also a poem I’ve written. I’m no poet, so it’s not literary masterpiece. Feel free to use it or change it however you want. It’s a reminder that your Grandad was once your age!

Granddad, you were just a lad,
So many years ago.
You had your loves and had your dreams,
You watched us come and go.

You watched us make the same mistakes,
That you had made before,
But that just made you hold us tight,
And love us all the more.

We haven’t always thought about
The things that you have seen.
To us you’ve just been ‘Granddad’,
No thought of who you’ve been.

But we remember now in love,
Your life from start to end,
And we’re just glad we knew you,
As ‘Granddad’, and as ‘friend’.

my grandad

hi my grandad passed away a few weeks ago and i looked and poems then a poem came to my head i made it up all by my self and we had a funeral about 2 weeks ago this is how it gose

you was a great grandad,
i love you that’s for sure,
but when i remember all the jokes you told i love you evan more,
i love you more than the clouds,
i love you more than the sky,
but when you passed away i could not say goodbye,
i thought it was a dream, a dream that can’t come true,
but when i look up at the stars at night i will always think of you

Grandfather’s Eulogy

My grandfather (we call him Dzadziu) is currently losing a short battle with cancer. He is 89 years old and I have always been close to him. I have lived next door to him for the last 9 years and have been helping care for him in his last days. I am one of the oldest grandchildren and may be asked to do a eulogy and I want to be ready, but I need help. I don’t know where to begin….Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



my grandad past away on sunday erlier hours in the mornin i miss him so much and want to say something at the funeral but i dont no what to say if anyone has any ideas can you please write back to me on here

thank you



hello tasha my grandad is currently dying of cancer so i thought i could help u out:

no matter wot u say it will be special talk to him as if u wer having a conversation he will always be with u.

tell him how much u love him and will miss him
promise him u will make him proud and make somethng good out of your life and finally say that u will never foget him and he will always be in your head and your heart.

i hope this helped


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  1. Hi,
    My grandad recently passed away from cancer and i do not know how to start off the speech he would of wanted me to write him one but I am 14 and i tend to get lost with what I m trying to say can anyone help? x

    Larissa 13 Jun at 9:13 pm