The Top 25 Positive Words to use in your Presentation

A simple technique to improve your presentation is to sprinkle a number of positive words into the script.

These positive words (more commonly known as “power words” can help to put the audience in a good mood.

Just be careful not to overdo them.

Positive Opening Words

1. Thanks – Thanks for inviting me to speak with you today.
2. Lovely – It’s lovely to be back.
3. Nice – It’s nice to see so many people here.
4. Passionate – I am passionate about positive words.

Positive Discovery Words

5. Show – I will show you …
6. Learn – You will learn that …
7. Find – You will find that …
8. Discover – I hope you will discover the marvellous properties of electrons.
9. New – I am presenting to you some new findings on …
10. Found – We found that there were three main areas of interest.

Positive Content Words

11. Clearly – On this slide you will clearly see …
12. Impressive – The results were impressive.
13. Very – He scored very high up the rankings.
14. Positive – This conveys a very positive message.
15. Lot – We achieved a lot in a very short space of time.
16. Importance – The importance of the data is that it …
17. Cool – Here is a cool example of …
18. Great – It received a great degree of attention.
19. Good – This is a good example of a positive word.
20. Marvellous – It’s marvellous that so many …
21. Wonderful – The wonderful world of the World Wide Web …
22. Totally – She was totally committed to the cause of …

Positive Closing Words

23. Enjoyed – I hope that you have enjoyed my presentation.
24. Pleasure – It has been a real pleasure to be here today.
25. Thank you – Thank you for listening to me today.

What positive words do you use in your presentations? Please add them in to the comments box.


Published On: 7th Jun 2015

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