The Starfish PowerPoint Template (photo)

The Starfish PowerPoint Template (photo)

This summery template shows a photograph taken of a washed-up orange common starfish on the shore of a sandy beach.

The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley tells the Starfish Story of a man throwing washed-up starfish back into the ocean.

The template could be used for presentations on marine animals and the ocean, or a backdrop to holiday photos.  Here is a link to our graphic starfish template.

The Starfish PowerPoint Template (photo) inside page
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Published On: 6th Jun 2011

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  1. Furrealz? That’s mavreoullsy good to know.

    BertieorBirdie 7 Jul at 1:05 am
  2. I’m using the starfish & sea shells templates for presentations I’m preparing for 2 similar but different job titles. I like that the templates are also similar yet different & I feel that complements my presentation. Thank you. Presentation Magazine is my absolute favorite & I recommend your site to everyone I know:)

    Lisa 14 Jul at 4:33 pm
  3. I am going to use the story of the Starfish Thrower. I was desperately looking for a picture of a starfish. Thanks a million.

    Jiea 21 Mar at 1:03 pm