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Last night saw the final of the BBC TV show The Apprentice. It was down to the last task and two finalists were left. Sir Alan Sugar had to choose between Simon and Kristina.

As so often in business life it all came down to Presentation Skills.

Kristina was clearly the front runner going into the final episode.   She organised her team well, but lost out the task to Simon who put on a better presentation.

In justifying the appointment Sir Alan Sugar said “Simon, you are not a good leader of people, that’s something you need to work on. Yet you suddenly surprised me with very good innovative ideas and a well thought-out presentation.”

Simon held the audience with a presentation that featured dancing girls, a 3D video and a great performance.    Sir Alan Sugar said that on the evening he “held the floor”.

In contrast, although Kristina’s presentation was credible, it did not hold the same excitement.

Simon could not  believe it – “I’m in shock to have won. Kristina was such a formidable opponent, I thought she would walk it. I’m ecstatic that I won” he said.

Defending his rationale for appointing the weaker candidate Sir Alan Sugar said that presentations were increasingly important in business.  In the past he would usually do business face-to-face with the chief person in a company.  However the business word is changing and Sir Alan recognised that presentations were becoming the way that business is being done. He also went on to admit that his presentation skills were not as strong as he would like.


Published On: 14th Jun 2007

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