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two bins one saying yes the other no

Test marketing is a great way to check out if your business idea is sound.

Test marketing need not be an onerous experience – but it can help to tell you if there is a market for your products – or it could give you a much-needed shot in the arm to keep you going.

Test marketing Case Study

I love this fun example from Innocent Drinks – who make fruit juices and smoothies.

The Innocent story

In the summer of 1998 when we had developed our first smoothie recipes but were still nervous about giving up our proper jobs, we bought £500-worth of fruit, turned it into smoothies and sold them from a stall at a little music festival in London.

two bins one saying yes the other no

Do you think we should give up our day jobs to make these smoothies?

We put up a big sign saying ‘Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?’ and put out a bin saying ‘YES’ and a bin saying ‘NO’ and asked people to put the empty bottle in the right bin. At the end of the weekend the ‘YES’ bin was full so we went in the next day and resigned.

This extract is reproduced by kind permission of Innocent Drinks. They can be reached through their website at www.innocentdrinks.co.uk


Published On: 23rd Dec 2010

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  1. The innocent story is so inspiring!

    Amanda Webster 18 Jun at 2:19 pm