Stripes Green2

Stripes Green2

Looking for a simple but effective PowerPoint template containing Green Strips? Here is one.

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Published On: 7th Oct 2006

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1 Comment
  1. I used the Green 2, Template 00017 for a business presentation. I chose it because it was close to my corporate colours, yet very plain.

    I had difficulty trying to put the template in as one of my choices of templates so that when I want to change the background by clicking on “apply design template” it would be there. Instead I had to save it as a presentation and then select and copy 85 slides. How do you save it as a template option?

    Also, when I copied my slides and wanted to select the title text to transfer it into a bold font, the copy was completely blanked out by a darker teal. In other words, you couldn’t select part of the title to enlarge if you wanted because you couldn’t see where the selection process began and ended. It was all solid teal without any words showing. A good guess several times worked out just fine.

    All in all it is a wonderful background. Thank you!

    Warm regards,


    Catherine Bell 1 Mar at 12:25 am