Stammering for a public speech

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Stammering for a public speech

How to overcome stammering for a public speech

i have to make a presentation and i get really nervous when i have to talk in front of people and due to that i start stammering and fail to get my point across well.please tell me how to remain confident.

My father had a stammer and yet he managed to speak reasonably well in public.

The two keys that he found were Practice and Rehearsal

I’ll see if I can dig out a few links that can help

A couple of things that could really help.

Firstly get some presentation slides to do the work for you. If you make sure that the headline of each slide clearly shows what you are going to say and uses a picture to get your message across. This way even if you dry, your slides will still be getting your message through. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Secondly write out what you are going to say. Practice it until you are word perfect. At a bare minimum speak it out loud at least four times – one of which has to be in front of a live audience. The audience could be family, friends, colleagues basically anyone. Once you have given the presentation a few times you will be starting to get the hang of it and should feel less nervous.

Thirdly consider doing some relaxation exercises. Look at improving your breathing. A voice coach showed me how to physically change my body to get more air into my system before I started speaking.

There is a NLP technique called visualization. Which I have found very effective. Before you speak close your eyes and remember a very beautiful time in your life. What did it look like? What sounds did you hear? How did you feel? By now you should be feeling quite calm.

Now imagine this feeling as you walk off the podium at the end of the presentation. If you practice this you will get much more relaxed.

Links that may be useful to look at include the British Stammering Association

It may be worth posting a message on a stuttering discussion forum
This one looks good – it is called the Stuttering Forum

There is already a post called “Most simple advice to prevent stuttering” that appears to be very useful…t=presentation

I hope that this help is of use

There is a relevant article by the British Stammering Association called “Two speeches and a funeral”

can u just tell me that how can i overcome my stammering.coz i want to overcome it as early as name is kalpesh from india.whenevr i talk to some stranger i stammer plz help me


I don’t think that there will be an overnight fix here, but with help it should be easier to stand up in public.

Firstly I would suggest that you approach a stammering association for support. The only one in India that I have been able to find so far charges quite a lot for its services. A good internet search should help you to find something more suitable.

The other answer is to get practice in speaking in front of audiences. Generally speaking the more you speak in front of audiences the easier it will become.

If you can start speaking in front of small friendly audiences you will gain extra confidence. You can then start to migrate towards larger audiences.

You could start with your family and friends and then get chances to speak at other occasions.

You could join a speakers club. The toastmsters club can be very helpful. There are a number of clubs in India. Most of these are in Bangalore but there may be others in different parts of India.…ign&NAME=india

I hope that this helps. Please drop us a line to let us know how you get on.

Kind regards

Hi there , this is Vikram from India , been living with stammering since childhood, but have overcome this to an extent by yoga and breathing exercises, I am an engineer looking for a new job , interviews are not tough for me, but at times i do stammer , how do i control the same, please give me some tips, god bless you

Key thing is to learn to relax, stammering is a sign of being nervous.

tony verdigi


Originally Posted by kalpesh ghevarchan jain

can u just tell me that how can i overcome my stammering.coz i want to overcome it as early as name is kalpesh from india.whenevr i talk to some stranger i stammer plz help me

Hi Kalpesh

Even I have stammering problem right from my childhood. I went to many speech pathologists, but could not get the desired result.

After all the findings i have come to the conclusion that the only reason for
stammering to occur is nervousness and nothing else. When u speak to an
alein u are nervous. But if u speak to a known person your speech is normal.



plz help me…

My name is vishal..I am a stammer from past 10 years. I tried a lot but nothing get me cured.


Hi ,
I am stammering since child hood. I dont get nervous when i talk to strangers or conduct a session or meeting. I am currently working in a leading software organisation in India. My problem is, sometimes words just dont come out even when i am with my friends, close ones or conducting a session. This is more than embarrasing and does no good to my confidence. I have to settle for substitute words, thus making a mockery of myself.

I’ll be grateful to you if you could help me overcome this problem.

Be careful of ‘Miracle’ stammering cures

Would all posters please be very careful about people leaving messages for a miracle cure for stammering. If there is such a cure then they should provide details of how the system works, so that the whole audience can benefit.

Pls help me

Hello! Doctor
My name is Abhilasha, i’m from hyd.I have stammering problem from the age of 6,untill my college i was never bothered, when i went to tamilnadu in order to pursue my BE, i was so scared to talk with pepole, i don’t stammer much, but still was very shyful to talk in public, i even missed 2 important seminars which effected my marks as well, later when i went to UK to pursue my MS , i became so confident and started to talk and make friends, i even got job as a Revenue Officer which needed lot of interaction with pepole, i managed well, but recently i returned back to hyd after 5 yrs and now again my stammering is bothering me, if i get excited or in presence of someone i know very well, i stammer
really i don’t know what to do, as i have an interview next week with a very big MNC company and i want to get that job.
Please please help me, please add your tips onto the board
Thanx for your time to read this

There is a very interesting article on the British Stammering Association web site called “Is there a cure for stammering”

Here is an article on the BBC web site that may prove an interesting link

And here is one from the British Stammering Association

I hope that this helps

Stammering Cures

I have just deleted another post claiming to offer miracle cures to stammering in return for a fee.

If there are any stammering cures then details should be posted onto the forum.

Help me please

Please could you let me know techniques to cure stamering.
Its would be a big help for me.

Thanks and awaiting in eager.



After a long research , what i’m saying is :

Stammering is a state of excitement which makes your speech organs tense
which due to a FALSE anticipation that you ‘ll stammer.

Keep in mind that anticipation is totally false. No body stammers. If he knows
that he has not a problem but just a false anticipation,

The techniques are.
(1) Pranayam
(2) Sudarshan kriya by art of living.
(3) THE MOST IMPORTANT: TEll your self again and again that you have no problem. Keep on telling .. this will gradually go deep into your sub conscious mind and then you’ll begin to be fluent.
(4) Shavasan

These techniques are much helpful.

Stammering can be cured ..

Hi All,

There is nothing to do with your sub-consious mind and stammering …
Stammering is caused but various reasons.. wrong way of learning speech in childhood (like imitating some charecter who stammers) , by frigtnening etc ..

Stammering can be completely cured for children at the early age but teaching them to speak the corect way.. and for adults it can be controlled .. by takingng up a proper speech therapy ..

I’m in 25yrs old and i was suffering from stammerng for the past 15 yrs, it started becoz my friends scared me with grasshoppers and cockroaches when i was 5 yrs… Now i’m taking up speech therapy and i can feel that my stammering has reduced a lot …. even if my sub-consious mind tell me i’m going to stammer a particular word.. i can speak that word without stammering ….

Pls you also visit a good speech therapist for your stammering.. but there is lot of hard work needed from your side also ..a speech therapist can show u only the way .. but u’ve to walk thru it ..

Look at it this way you will still be living at the end of the speech, and you uknow you have to go through with it. so just knock it out the way. every one gets nervous just dont let that control you.


I am also stammering since childhood but now i am feeling the heat of that disorder .During working ,i can not interpret the my thoughts & logic , what actually I really want to say ?So sometime also happens that i fear to make any statament in public .sometime your collegeus also trying to make fun of your disorder.
I hope you people will underastand my problem & let me know the ultimate good solution toatleast control my stammering,

yours faithfully


I feel your pain with public speaking. Being a stammerer myself i feel the extra pressure of the situation unhelpful in trying to speak fluently. My advice would be to take it slowly and prepare exactly what you are going to say in advance. Take deep breaths before every scentence and maintain a steady flow of air (dont just let it all out at once). Works a treat for me!

my case

I have been a stutterer since age 6.
I guess it is to do with inheritance becoz my father stutters on phone smtimes and his couple of brothers stutter a bit too. even my mom’s brother stutters.
but then my mom says i aquired stuttering disorder wen i was six, and i had fever at that time and was acting wierd. the fever was smthing to do with a fear of a snake i had seen at that time.
i went to a therapist wen i was 13, and he told me to practise reading newspapers by streching the first phonetic of each word for one second i guess.
for example, “I aaaam a veeeeeergo(virgo) aaaaaand(and) aaaaaaastrology eeeeeees(is) fuaaaaaaan(fun)”. I used to practise for almost half an hour a day. Alas! it showed very little effect on the disorder.
After that i changed my school(coz the previous school was really lame 😛 ) and the environment in the new school was really cool and i almost lost stuttering except during few occasions where i had to read out poems in telugu to my sir.(may be because of stress and fear). i also had won award for teaching to my juniors, mathematics on the teachers day and there was no stuttering even infront of a big audience. everything went fine for 2-3 years.

now i am in my final year of graduation and hav faced a lot problems during seminars and presentations or while asking doubts to the professors. i am pretty normal during normal conversations with friends but the problem arises when i try to explain a concept or a news or a joke to people who are unaware of the concept/news.
one more thing i obsevered in my stuttering is that i stutter infront of people whom i think are a bit superior to me. not exactly superior but ppl who are not so dumb to analysie things i.e intelligent enough. with strangers( except elders/higher officials) i am pretty fluent.
very recently my professor too advised me to get rid of it since its going to be a big hurdle in my future professional life where probably i have to present papers in conferences and things like that. it seems that, as said by my professors, even in my stuttering i am pretty good at explaining concepts during presentations. (dont know if they said this just to boost my morale). the thing is there’s no blockage of thinking rationally/logically during my stuttering.

hope the above things adds to the database of properties of stuttering.
i would also welcome thankfully, suggestions in getting rid of this problem from people who are in practice.
i hope its not a problem replying to such an old thread.

i stay in mumbai



Yes balaji I also have stammering problem since childhood however when i turned 17 i had almost overcome it by 98%. I could talk with strangers smoothly, complete a profitable deal, forgot that I had been stammering since my childhood and suddenly one day my sister gave me a complement in front of everybody-from the very next day i started to stammer[] Still I am trying my best to recover and eliminate stammering. You know I found that whenever a stammering person thinks that he will stammer/he should not stammer on a particular word, he will desperately stammer. I never visited a speech therapist but learned a good effective technique, whenever we feel we will stammer on particular word, relax-don’t lose ur rythm, fill ur mouth with enough air and now try to say. I hope this may help you.

Only Regular Practice……

Regular practice vocal and breathing makes lot of difference.
I had attended stammering cure course in India. It helped me a lot.


I’m not sure that there is an instant fix to this, but the one consistent advice to this is to write down what you want to say and to rehearse it. This way if you do freeze, you will have your written notes that you can read from them.

If you can use presentation slides make them visual so that your audiince can follow your presentation.

One person I once saw present had pictures with a few captions.. When he froze he just simply pointed at the slides and gestured. The audience read the slides and he got a standing ovation at the end.

Please remember that the audience wants you to succeed.


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