Stacked Pyramid Template

Stacked Pyramid Template

Quite often when making a PowerPoint presentation it is useful to have a stacked template. It is possible to put a lot of triangles on each other in PowerPoint but it can be a bit fiddly.

We have taken the effort out of this by making a number of stacked pyramids for you to download.

We have covered all sizes from 2 to 10 layers.

Perfect for making a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a food groups pyramid or as an Egyptian pyramid template.

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Published On: 14th Apr 2009

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  1. Thank you! These are very helpful!

    STUDENT 20 Nov at 7:58 am
  2. Using these for depicting donor pyramids for fundraising – thank you.

    Consultant 15 Feb at 3:13 pm
  3. I am hoping to create a learning effectiveness pyramid using these templates

    John Edmondson 15 Oct at 1:51 am
  4. I needed a safety pyramid that I could animate. I brought each section in one at a time. The top of the pyramid is a fatality which is red. This worked out perfect for what I was trying to communicate. I appreciate you you sharing these stackable pyramids.

    Joel 28 Apr at 6:41 pm
  5. Thanks, inspiring templates!

    Astia Dendi 10 Aug at 8:19 am
  6. We will be using these for a giving pyramid for a non-profit org.

    Michelle 21 Sep at 5:58 pm
  7. this is a pyramid scheme 🙂


    justin 25 Sep at 3:17 pm
  8. used as a template for a triangular poem

    Joan 20 Nov at 12:21 pm
  9. I am also using these for fundraising pyramids…. thanks so much@

    Kim 11 Feb at 12:07 am
  10. Brilliant. Uncomplicated and easy to use. Thanks

    Tim 30 May at 10:57 am
  11. using to illustrate the relationship between science and technology development using the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) in the fusion energy R&D program.

    Ed 5 Jun at 7:47 pm
  12. Thank you.. easy and free .. thank you

    deb 19 Mar at 11:30 pm
  13. thanks!

    ayelet 22 Feb at 11:45 am
  14. Thanks! made my day!

    Anonymous 9 Sep at 2:52 pm