Snowflakes Template

Snowflakes Template

Christmas PowerPoint template which could be used as a template to make your own decorations.

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Published On: 22nd Dec 2016

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  1. Dear Sir’s,
    I have been asked by my firm to take photographs (on a non commercial basis), of couples arriving to the Christmas party this year. They have asked me if They could have a “Christmas” background. The only way I can think of doing this, is to use the `snowflake` template of yours, then drag my picture on to it, doing this for every couple.
    So I will now have to ask your permission for the copyright, also if there is a charge…how much is the charge?
    Thanking you,
    yours sincerely,
    David Cooper


    David Cooper 31 Oct at 10:08 pm
  2. I love it I simply love it

    jacq wray 4 Dec at 3:30 pm

    EMILY BARRETT 12 Dec at 3:53 pm
  4. Thank you. It’s very beautiful~

    Habanera 28 Nov at 3:04 am
  5. It is touching for this time of year.

    diane 30 Nov at 9:43 pm
  6. this is so pretty and simple. i luv it

    carlee 24 Dec at 2:45 am
  7. it is so pretty and touching it has a touch of christmas joy

    missy 24 Dec at 2:46 am
  8. thanks!

    hangthoa 15 Jun at 3:34 am
  9. Can you please send me the snowflake template number 00134, ASAP, so I can use it as a Christmas invitation.


    Heather 16 Nov at 4:08 pm
  10. cool! i love it..

    lee 20 Nov at 6:30 pm
  11. It’s beautiful.

    Maria 26 Nov at 5:26 pm
  12. I will use it for an all-girls-stress-free-pre-christmas-night invitation.

    Silke 2 Dec at 12:44 pm
  13. thank you for the beautiful template!

    Jennifer 4 Dec at 2:27 am
  14. I plan to use it for my classroom agenda. It’s beautiful.

    Annie 7 Dec at 10:12 pm
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  16. beautiful

    sothub1 21 Jun at 10:39 am
  17. I will use this as an office Christmas card.

    Val 9 Nov at 9:53 pm
  18. I teach high school English and use a Powerpoint to post each day’s agenda. Since it’s someting they see each day, I look for various backgrounds just to keep their interest. I especially like to use holiday themes.

    Janine201 28 Nov at 10:51 pm
  19. These are awesome! Thank you so much!

    Colleen 2 Dec at 5:10 pm
  20. I’m using the snowflakes template for a class assignment that compares two technologies that funtion in a similar way; my introduction page will have a Christmas theme because people are buying this tecnology for christmas gifts.

    lavitaw34 6 Dec at 5:29 am
  21. Thank you. So beautiful.
    My students will love them!

    Miya 9 Dec at 2:05 am
  22. Many thanks! I’ll be using this as a background for a gift voucher.

    Cara 6 Sep at 11:58 am