Small Clip Art Icons

Small Clip Art Icons
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We have a range of 94 small clip art icons to use in your presentations.

They are all PowerPoint vector based shapes which mean that you can change the colours as well as scale them up in size.

A range of small clip art – each icon can be used as part of your Powerpoint presentations. It is all in PowerPoint and can be coloured in or scaled to size.

Suitable for use to help show sections of a presentation or as a range of navigation buttons.

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Published On: 5th Nov 2006

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  1. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful things for download. Its helping me a lot in my work!!! Thanks a ton!

    Divya 25 Nov at 12:23 pm
  2. Thanks for the downloads. Its great when developing slides for teaching.

    Siva 10 Mar at 7:58 am
  3. Thanks guys! Was a great help…. and yes…..they are awsome!!! 🙂

    Dhruv 6 Apr at 1:01 pm
  4. thx!!

    Jerry 3 Jul at 2:58 am
  5. I’ll use one graphic for school presentation.

    Sherie 6 Aug at 3:00 am
  6. Thanks A lot. I having problems though when I am trying to copy and paste the icons in my presentation. They get a different color and some times I can not see the shape.

    Can anyone help me on that?

    Thanks a lot

    Samuel 10 Aug at 6:07 pm
  7. this is great!! I will use it!!

    Liridona 29 Aug at 7:04 pm
  8. Really useful objects. Thanks for downloading wonderful clips

    Kaushik 31 Jan at 11:47 am
  9. I am a business management student who is currently preparing a presentation. I will utilized these excellent icons in the presentation.

    Laurie 6 Mar at 6:49 am
  10. Fantastic set of icons! I find these really helpful in my teaching materials, and also as navigation buttons on my Moodle sites!

    Allie 23 Jul at 1:12 am
  11. These are great – I use them in many of my presentations 🙂

    Allie 9 Jul at 5:24 am
  12. Amazing ready-to-use templates! Absolutely loved the clip art icons especially. Thankyou so much! And keep up the good work

    Ranu 18 Aug at 6:19 am
  13. Thank you very much.. This is so much helpful. God Bless.

    divya 29 Dec at 8:36 am
  14. I have never seen such a good site for downloading templates.I am a medical college teacher,it will make my presentation beautiful.
    Thankyou so much

    Dr sarita 1 May at 1:44 pm
  15. You guys a great. It’s nice to know that there is people out there like you guys helping students like me. FANTASTIC JOB. Gold STARS all round.

    Linda Jane DURHAM 27 May at 3:58 am
  16. thank you for creating such wonderful templates. I love it soo much.. May God Bless you always.

    sanisah 5 Oct at 1:14 am