Simple Blue

Simple Blue

A very Simple Blue Power Pointemplate that is based on two tones of blue. It is all unlocked, which makes it very easy to edit and adapt to your own needs.

It is also matches our range of clip art in a similar colour.

Simple Blue inside page
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Published On: 11th Oct 2006

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  1. these are tight!!!!!!

    Anonymous 4 Mar at 4:05 am
  2. this website is very excellent on powerpoints. it’s qood for presenting on education.

    mitsuvan 12 Apr at 12:48 am
  3. nice

    julia 3 Jun at 5:36 am
  4. will use it for maritime-related lecture deliveries

    Mike sr 3 Apr at 12:34 pm
  5. looking forward to trying it out on my first powerpoint presention

    Jim 7 Apr at 5:37 pm
  6. thank you!

    mary 15 May at 4:31 am
  7. thank you…for helping me

    Doris 13 Sep at 12:51 am
  8. Your approach is very generous and the material provided is good also.

    Iftikhar 13 Mar at 7:12 pm
  9. how do you type on it ??

    Ben 22 Nov at 8:28 pm
  10. It is nice

    Anonymous 5 Apr at 4:07 am
  11. Thank you very much for allowing me to download
    the template with free of charge.

    Suzie 10 Oct at 6:57 am