Short poem for my sister’s memorial

Short poem for my sister’s memorial

Short poem for my sister’s memorial


I’m really needing your help…My sister has died, and I want to read a poem of some kind…something that talks about finally being at peace after traveling a difficult life path. She died at her own hand, so it’s a sensitive situation and I want to stress the release that her death represents.

Thanks for your help….



You might try this:

There are other poems too.

My sister also shot herself in the head. A tragedy, a deeply wrong thing to do. She left behind the shattered pieces of her family, our hearts torn as the bullet tore through her head. Our tears still flow sometimes, after 20 years, when we think or talk about her. What a loss to our hearts and souls.

Forgive yourself. You can’t stop someone who is determined.

My sister died

my sister has died from a drunk driver and i need something to read please help me

What about this:

If tears could build a stairway
and thoughts a memory lane
I’d walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again
No Farewell words were spoken
No time to say good-bye
You were gone before I knew it
And only God knows why.

My heart’s still active in sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one can ever know.
But now I know you want us
To mourn for you no more
To remember all the happy times
Life still has much in store.

Since you’ll never be forgotten
I pledge to you today
A hallowed place within my heart
Is where you’ll always stay.

God knows why, with chilling touch,
Death gathers those we love so much,
And what now seems so strange and dim,
Will all be clear, when we meet Him.
I Knew you for a Moment


I just lost my sister 2 days ago. This poem is not only touching but expresses my own thoughts and feelings. Wonderful….simply wonderful…thank you


i lost my sister in the A27 crash on april the 24th and this is a reli good poem which sums up exactly what i feel
well done!

I lost my sister just over a year ago. That poem is so nice. Thanks for sharing.

I will using this same poem this saturday for my sisters funeral. Thank you


What a fantastic poem it certainly made me shake !
I have recently lost my nephew in a motorbike accident ! so if anyone
knows of any poems that I can use to help us through!
The sister one described exactly how we felt when we lost my sister 3 years ago ! thank you

My sister passed just 2 days ago at the young age of 47, I will be saying this poem at her service, Thank-You!!!

amazing poem

thank you for writing such an excellent piece of material, i will be using it for my sisters memorial, she was taken from us in 2003 at the hands of her boyfriend who is still free and it really touched my heart and put my feelings into words!

Thank you

My little sister was killed in a car accident while I was in Iraq in April 2007. Our family is having a memorial bike run for her this year (I was not able to go to her memorial when she died) and I am gonna try to use this peom for it. Thank you so much.

Thank you for this beautiful poem

My sister just passed away last week. I am unable to make it to her funeral but found this poem & it will be read at her services this Saturday. I wish to thank you for this beautiful poem that says so much that I was feeling inside.

I lost my sister February 17th, she was my everything. She was 25 years old and had 1 5 years old daughter. I miss her so much and would give the world to have her for one more day.

my sister was just killed this past weekend by a hit and run driver, she was only 25 and this sudden loss has struck my family extremly hard. i have been sitting infront of my computer trying to think of what to say at her funeral but the words i put down just didnt express my thoughts the way this poem does. thank you

We lost our beloved baby sister on April 18, 6 days after my birthday, on our nieces birthday. She had just turned 42 two weeks before. She was taken from our lives as quickly as she entered.

I need some kind of poem to help me

Well i just lost my 17 year old sister we were only a year apart she died last week April 26

She was struck by a car in brooklyn ny

iTs really hard for me and my family so, i can relate to everyones pain
ive been looking and looking for poems but havent found anything ive been stressing alot lately and its really bad ive also been depressed about this and dont know how to deal with it

plz if u have a poem or anything

thank you

my twin sister

My twin Sister Died when We were 3 years old it was a tragic accident my dad ran over her when he was drunk but like I said it was a tragic accident and he is the only person that thinks it wasn’t and he wont let it go so I ask anyone with a Heart to pray for my dad I love him very much and want him to let it go and let her go and rest.

my sister die when i was only a baby and i didn’t ever get to know her. now 13 years later its just now hitting me and its hitting me hard. i don’t know what to do because my parents have moved on but now i’m there. i don’t know what to do but i read this poem and it helped me a lot.
thank you


Great Poem!!


sister and aunt

my aunt was just killed 2 nights ago by a drunk driver, she had just bought a harley a few months ago ,her boyfriend daryl was driving and a drunk lady crossed the center line and killed both of them, we are in a fog of grief. and my mom and I really loved this poem. thank you

Good Poem

I lost my sister on 24/10/2008. I was there with her all night, and all morning.

This poem is really touching.




great poem.x
i lost my sista at 17 days old.x
im going 2 read the poem at her memorial service.x


the sister poem says it all.iv lost 2 sisters,a mum and close friend.Im not very good at poems but i tried my best.
i lost my baby sister on the 27th january 2007.then this year my baby cousin was buried on the 28th january 09,it was really hard as neither of them lived for a moment from being born,i miss my sister so bad,and wish i could of had at least a second with see her open her little eyes and then maybe a sweet goodbye. R.I.P TARA KEELEY MCFADDEN i love you xx

date 29/1/09
I saw my sister in the chapel of rest,
and held her little hand,
she looked so peaceful and content,
she will never understand the
pain,the hurt the tears i’ve cryed
wishing that she had never died.
all the months and all the years
we could of shared together
we still can do that,in my heart
because the memory of you i’ll treasure.

remembering a sister

i lost a sister in 2006.
it was terrible her and my brother were in a car accident
my brother only had a few bumps and bruises but my sister
was killed.
i remember her lots and will never forget her
we were 7 years apart but she always helped me with my problems
the poem helped lots thank you so very much!

my sister just was murdered yester day(mothersday) and everyone is still in a fog of grief and disbelief.

Thanx for this poem
I lost my sister whne i was 4 it was 3 days after my bithday now 10 years on im just starting to take in that i will never see her again.

Incredible poem

Whom ever provided this poem, it is incredible. So poignant, and so on the mark. thank you.

I lost a sister

she wasnt really my sister but she was in my Youth org. and we were all sisters we helped eachother no matter what and her death was unexpected and she was young. too young to die 14 she passed away on May 19th and the cause of death is unknown

i lost a sister too

i lost my sister on the 15/9/2006 she was just 9 years old she had been run over and killed right away i blam my self as i should of been going to pick her up to stay at my house after i had done at work but work asked me to stay and do a few more hours so i did as i need the money wish i never now cos if i said no she prob would still be here now

hi i lost my sister 4 days ago 2 cancer she was only 13, im going to miss her so much and there wont be a day that goes by that i wont think of her, shes the bravest strongest person i no she allways stayed possitive right up 2 the last day, holding my sister and watching her simply fad away was the hardest thing ive ever had 2 do, im 25 and even though there was a big age gap we was really close i cant even think of my life with out her at the moment,i could never have asked for a more caring sensitive sister even at the young age of 13 she touched so many hearts,x your poem is really lovley,x

I Lost my brother

My brother was found dead last month. He’d been dead for over a month and they couldnt not give use the cause of death. We still dont know exactly. he had been depressed for a long time and i he had isolated himself from us completely the last 5 years. He used to be my rolmodel, my hero. It has been extremely hard to see him change (he refused to see a doctor , or even talk about the subject). Altho his death has bittered me and changed my perspective of the world , and I am haunted by guilt on a regular basis. (for not doing more to get him out of his isolatement…I take some comfort in the fact that my brother is not in pain anymore. that his death means he is finally at piece.

The loss of my sister Maria – 4.8.09

I have been asked to read a poem at my sister’s funeral on Friday and found the one you had posted. I think it is beautiful and would like to use it.

I lost 2 sisters

I lost my sister on Saturday. She is the second sister I ahve lost in 8 months. I found this poem very fitting and espressive of my feelings.

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  1. My sister had a stroke 13 mths younger than myself. I turned 60 in January. She had been in a nursing home and died there. I didn’t get to tell her I love you, hug her or kiss her cheek. My family had her cremated and no service not even a memorial. I’m looking for a short poem to tape to a balloon on her BD 2/21 for my own closure.

    JLM 11 Feb at 11:25 pm
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