Saving Powerpoint as a JPEG without text blurring

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Saving Powerpoint as a JPEG without text blurring

Saving Powerpoint as a JPEG without text blurring

I have a PowerPoint presentation that I need to save as JPEGs. The pictures copy perfectly but the text is blurred. Is there a solution to this ? Alternatively I can produce perfect PDF files from it but I can’t find a way to convert these to JPEG without the same problem. Can anyone advise ? Many thanks Mike Wallis.

Did you try .png as alternative, even .tiff may work better. Those are both options besides .jpeg.

Saving PPT as JPEG or TIFF

This is a difficult thing to do since text blurring through pixellation spoils the fonts. Saving as high resolution TIFF seems not to work either – it should, but it just doesn’t.



Making a PowerPoint slide into a picture

I have the perfect solution for you! I work on the PC doing slide formatting then have to make those slides into pictures to import into Quark on the MAC. This is what I do to get a really clear picture.

Go to print. Change the printer to Adobe PDF. Select Properties -> Adobe PDF Settings -> Default Settings: High Quality Print or Print Optimized -> Click OK.

You’re ready to print to PDF. Select Control + P (Print command). In the Print range select Current Slide and make sure it’s color if you want color, etc.

Voila! You have a clean picture that you can import into Illustrator, Quark, and Photoshop to make either an EPS, PNG, JPG, TIF, etc.

Great solution!

I tried this and set the Adobe PDF printer to high quality. The image was very sharp. I am very impressed and I will use this method in future. Only problem I found was the slide shape was not the same as the PPT blank so when I dropped it on there was a gap at the bottom but that’s minor.

Overall, I am impressed.


Thanks Drew..

Hey dude…
The solution given by you is very helpful to me.
I tried it and I saw the results. I saw wonderful results..
Thanks Buddy…

Mark Gats


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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    Andrew 13 Oct at 12:55 am
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