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In this article we have asked our readers about their advice for head boy speeches. Below we have an example speech and some advice for those who need some pointers for their speech.

This speech has the title ‘We All Are Leaders’.

Principal Stubbs, Vice principals Ward and Dr. Mortimore, Respected Faculty Members, Parents, Guardians, Distinguished Guest and students of Jack Hayward High School. I bid you not only a pleasant but also a cordial Good Morning. My name is Krishawn D Lubin upcoming Graduate of the class of 2009, aspiring entrepreneur, future visionary and more pressingly your next head boy!

I originally came up here this morning to convince you as to why I should be your leader, but I find it unimaginable that as your leader I think only of myself. Instead I have come here to convince you why we all should become leaders. Leaders in our home, leaders on our jobs, leaders in our Community, leaders in society.

I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
Jack Hayward High School, contrary to popular belief, I see not before me the underprivileged, the deprived, the lower class of society. I see before me the class of 2009, 2010, 2011 and beyond. I see before me leaders. Anthony J. D’Angelo once quoted ‘that you do not have to hold a position to be a leader. ‘

Thus I am inclined to ask, what is a leader. Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character; it requires moral rather than athletic or intellectual effort, and it imposes on both leader and follower alike the burdens of self-restraint. It is said that anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm, but in the face of adversity, true leaders are born.

I stand before you not seeking to defame my fellow candidates, but to challenge you to choose a leader that can take you from where you are, to where you have never been.
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. With this I must ask, how can I allow myself to become influenced by the ideals of my peers? If I want to lead the orchestra I must turn my back on the crowd. Always looking forward and never behind, taking with me the dreams and aspirations of those that support a vision that will ultimately be for the betterment of the people. I must not tip the scale of justice because of influential standing, but weighs the scale because of an inner desire to do what is morally correct.

Jack Hayward High School as your future leader I am not only obligated but find it indigenous upon me to be the voice, as one, crying in the wilderness. The eyes seeing past doubt and indecision, focusing only on hope and possibilities. The ears that rejects the hum of negativity, yet promotes a positive mindset.

Class of 2009 and beyond we know not what tomorrow brings, but be ever certain that tomorrow begins with us. The only way to correct the past is by not repeating it in the future. As your leader I challenge you not to become a statistic but rather an exception to the rule. I challenge you not to fit into anyone’s box but rather to think outside the box. As your leader I vow progression not digression. As your leader I vow to seek avenues to implement and sustain a better learning system not only for the class of 2009 but also for those that will be threading behind. As your leader I vow to dedicate my time, my intellect and my manpower to any cause that will empower us all to become leaders. We must take a stand for what is right. We must not waiver or falter in our beliefs. We must pave the road of destiny, that those who follow may have a shining example of the endless possibilities that await them. On reflection I think Mahatma Ghandi said it best and I quote we must become the change we want to see. Jack Hayward High School, Class of 2009 and beyond ‘We Are All Leaders’.

Below we have some notes of advice.

The Presentation Doctor suggests:

Difficult to put forward advice on his one, but I would suggest that you keep it light hearted. It may be worthwhile asking some of your teachers is they have any ideas on what the topic should be – what works and what does not work. You may even be able to get one of them to coach you. I would definitely suggest that you spend a lot of time in rehearsal as this will be one of the key attributes.

Jimmy Kar suggests:

I am in year 11 and I was recently appointed head boy. I found that the teachers appreciate it if you say you want to give something back to the school. Also say that if you head boy you would be able to help with any problem that any student might have.
I have recently just been appointed as head boy for the upcoming year. The best advice I can give you is be yourself! Do not go in there pretending your something you’re not! I was honest with them, told them how important my friends and family were to me and just told them honestly what I thought of the school, the new systems and teachers and them. Of course, do not come across as rude or abrupt.

Matt Mapp suggests:

Mohammed Ali once said, “what keeps me going is goals”. I believe that this is true for myself as well, if you have nothing to aim for, you have no motivation, no dreams and no desire. I would not be standing for this respected role of Head Boy if I did not have these three things.

Edward Woodbridge suggests:
I was recently appointed head boy and also had to give a speech.
I talk about how experiences from the past have made you a better person today, and give examples. Also talk a little bit about what impression you would leave on the school if head boy.
If you get any feedback please let us know in the comments box below, as this topic comes up every year and it would be nice to have some more specific advice on the topic.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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  1. Damn guys… To be damn honest, am having a head boy’s speech to give out tomorrow… I was nominated… But the thing is, I just really need super help in opening my speech before going to the main stuff… Please I really need help… Am damn freaking out about my situation… Don’t wanna mess this up… Please I need tips, but if you are too busy to help… I understand!

    Victor 28 Mar at 9:50 pm
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