Presentation with props to Market Research Analysts

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Presentation with props

Presentation with props

Hi there,

I have to give a 3 min presentation to co-workers on a topic, Market Research Analysts (people who gather data to help organisations make decisions about products and services).

I’m told we can’t use powerpoint and I want it to be fun and creative, but I can’t think of anything (props/funny stories) to tie in with this topic.

Any Ideas?

If you can’t use PowerPoint then you could use a flip chart and paste pictures on to it.

I’m afraid that I’m a bit stumped on funny stories on Market Analysts.

A good one to talk about would be the case of Henry Bodget who advised many companies when perhaps they should have done their own research

Study – Research – Practice

There are many available websites and books that can help you with alternatives to the powerpoint presentation. In my opinion, powerpoint presentations have become such the norm they are increasingly getting more boring every meeting.

I would try a more active approach.

Use visual props or something tangible that will not only get their attention but will help them remember what your presentation was about.

Remember, you should not be presenting this information so you can simply breathe a sigh of relief that your turn is over.

You want them to remember and use the information you spent so long to research for them. The purpose of your presentation should be to develop a better and more productive audience.




Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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