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It’s always good to inject a bit of humour into your day, so we have compiled some amusing articles for you to read.

Here are some tips on how not to give a presentation.

How to give a bad presentation.

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How to blow a sales presentation.


Here are a selection of cartoons that we like.

Stick to the point



Boring presentations



Technical Presentation


20 Minute CEO Speech

The CEO was scheduled to speak at an important convention, so he asked one of his employees to write him a punchy, 20-minute speech. When the CEO returned from the big event, he was furious.

“What’s the idea of writing me an hour-long speech?” he demanded to know. “Half the audience walked out before I finished.”

The employee was baffled. “I wrote you a 20-minute speech,” he replied. “I also gave you the two extra copies you asked for.”


Published On: 3rd Jun 2012

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