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Presentation Games

Presentation Games

Hi hope you can help, any ideas would be great.

I am planning on presenting to a group of students next week on the subject of ‘Markets’ and the importance of market definition. I am able to get hold of the bulk of research needed for the subject; I am just having a problem on deciding on how to present it in an original manner, and any games that I could play to make it more interesting?

Any ideas or help would be great,

Thank you very much,

There are some presentation games that you can play.

Here are a couple of ideas.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Make a copy of the TV quiz show and bring in a friend as a contestant. You can "ask and audience" and also ‘phone a friend" – use a mobile phone"

You could do ‘The weakest link’ where you bring 8 students up on stage and eliminate them one by one.

Another one is silhouettes – where you get pictures of famous people – make them as silhouettes and ask people to guess. Not very relevant to markets – but a good ice breaker. You could use silhouettes of countries if you wanted to show geographical markets.

You mention markets – which sort of markets are you referring to.

I hope this helps a bit

Thanks for your help

Hi, I am anuradha nayar. i am planning to take some presentations for fine arts graduates who are interestedin advertising. Can you please give me some ideas as to which all games I should take up?
Thanking you

A good presentation game for people interested in advertising is to get the audience to sketch out some advertising storyboards. This is one that I used at a recent talk on presentation skills.

It could be a topic like "my favourite remedy" This is where you could ask them to sketch out an advert for their favourite remedy. If you want to make the session fun you could ask them to make the adverts humourous. The remedy could be for a headache, back ache, warts, varicose veins, dandruff, itching or anything like that.

Give them 5 minutes to sketch out a few adverts. Then ask for volunteers to present their adverts. This is then generally quite a funny experience. Then give them another three minutes to sketch out some more ideas and go around the room again.

You should find enough subject matter to support the rest of your lecture.

Does this provide what you were looking for?

My class has done introductory and persuasive speeches. I’m looking for an exciting way to introduce informative speaking.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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  2. Hi, Am planning to do presentation about HOW TO MAKE PRESENTATION, and am looking to have some games during the presentation.

    can you help me in this.

    Arafa Mashaly 15 Feb at 2:51 pm
  3. I need to do a workshop/ presentation on internal and external consulting. Any ideas for a game that we can play to make it fun? something that can bring the topic into the game?

    Esrid 17 Oct at 5:14 pm