Plant PowerPoint Template

Plant PowerPoint Template

Here is a template using a photo of hands holding a plant in soil.

This could be used for a presentation about gardening, plants, botany, hands, spring, new life, seasons, fresh, bay tree, bay leaves and nurturing or business growth. It could be used on a save the planet presentation or one about global warming.

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Published On: 4th Jan 2011

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  1. merci

    mourad 18 Jan at 10:21 pm
  2. That’s cool!
    I love it so much

    Scarlett 23 Mar at 2:53 am
  3. This is really cute and it goes with my lesson.Thanks:)

    Katherine 3 Jun at 9:55 pm
  4. It’s great. Don’t know what I’ll use it for, but I’ll definitely use it.

    AwesomePerson 8 Jun at 8:14 am
  5. Grazie mille

    val 13 Dec at 5:39 pm
  6. Thanks for sharing this…soothing pictures. I’ll definetely use those…

    Annie 27 Dec at 12:42 pm
  7. It is useful for my presentation on workshop..thanks a bunch….

    TANTAN 19 Apr at 5:30 am
  8. Using it for a training class to show the opportunity to learn and grow

    Z 31 Jul at 1:54 am
  9. Thanks I am going to use it as part of an international banking conference in Tehran where I am Keynote Speaker.Green is a notable colour here and I want to use it to symbolise growth as well.


    David 6 Aug at 10:03 am
  10. I am really impressed with your such nice templates will be using most for my school presentation

    thanks and keep up the good work

    God bless

    Hellen 17 Dec at 1:02 pm
  11. This is very good for talks about child protection. That is a difficult subject and the image of nurturing a plant makes the point without being “in your face” around issues of child abuse and neglect

    Alison 16 Sep at 8:46 pm
  12. Thanks for all nice template presentation!

    Soeryo Adiwibowo 6 Jan at 4:28 pm
  13. Excellent presentations. Will be back. Thank you maata.

    Trianna Ama 21 Aug at 9:57 am
  14. 유용하게 잘 쓰겠습니다 감사합니다!!
    thank you

    Lee hwa jeong 8 Mar at 3:30 pm
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