Plain sailing PowerPoint template

Plain sailing PowerPoint template

Plain sailing
This PowerPoint template is very striking. It is based on a photograph taken while sailing on board a cross channel ferry, when traveling from the UK to France.

We hope you enjoy using this nautical themed ppt slide in your slide shows.

Could be used for a presentation on sailing, navigation or the use of radar.

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Published On: 1st Nov 2006

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  1. Excellent One…!!!
    I must say this is a master piece.
    Good one keep it up & Thanks a lot.
    Love & Joy
    Priti D.

    Priti D. Rane 10 Oct at 8:45 am
  2. Brilliant!

    Bo Tranberg 7 Feb at 4:12 pm
  3. that’s good.

    guest 18 Feb at 1:08 am
  4. wonderful picture. Thanks a lot

    guest 6 Aug at 3:57 pm
  5. very simple.but elegant

    ... 17 Aug at 7:05 am

    JESIN 24 Sep at 4:22 pm
  7. excellent effort

    ashutosh 7 Oct at 9:39 pm
  8. thanks a lot

    joan 18 Oct at 1:50 am
  9. Better than best, my hats off salute, God bless you

    Sajid 22 Oct at 8:08 am
  10. thanks!!

    arcamkr 6 Dec at 12:21 pm
  11. can’t expected!great idea..

    Anonymous 5 Mar at 4:02 pm
  12. wow, thanks a lot !
    This PPS realy changed my live.

    Anonymous 22 Mar at 12:03 am
  13. That is a beautiful pic

    Jayaraman 2 May at 1:56 am
  14. think you so much!

    Anonymous 12 May at 7:40 pm
  15. I love it! I can hardly believe it´s free! thank you!

    Anonymous 24 May at 6:56 am
  16. This is absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect for the speak I am going to give!

    Ashlea 26 Sep at 7:00 am
  17. Good one, really worth using.
    Thanks a lot.

    Naved Alam 26 Jan at 11:17 am
  18. Thanks.

    ViVian 26 Feb at 7:52 am
  19. Oh! thankt you very much.

    byun 6 May at 3:12 pm
  20. perfect for my project about marine radar!!!

    Loki 19 May at 6:36 am
  21. i like it, thinking to use in my next presentation

    ND Subedi 30 Jul at 3:07 pm
  22. that’s great.

    loi 3 Nov at 6:02 am
  23. Thank you so much 🙂

    hanhnguyen 6 Sep at 6:40 am
  24. I praise you for the template,thanks a lot.

    Garima abbi 25 Jan at 3:31 pm
  25. Great!!!

    Tim from Holland 12 May at 9:18 am
  26. I used this for an educational presentation based on setting sail.

    Denise 2 May at 8:16 pm
  27. very well done template, worked for a b plan presentation I needed for a shipping project. thanks! keep it up!

    anthony z 23 Jan at 10:24 pm
  28. Awesome! This unique design inspires me a lot in making my presentation. Cheers!

    cac 21 Jun at 7:32 am
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