photography presentation ideas

photography presentation ideas

OK!…I need some ideas on how to present my final project in photography. I went to Italy,Greece,and Germany…and took many photos. Well…there were also other people in my class that went too…and also took many pictures. My problem is…that i want a presentation…that will set my project apart from the others.. that took the same pictures !… I need a creative presentation….someone PLEASE HELP!…..I’M ON AN ARTIST BLOCK!!!

Difficult to help on this

Two main areas
1. You may be able to animate your presentation to make it look more interesting

2. The rest of it is down to the quality of your pictures that you have taken. I suggest that you get some feedback on the pictures from other people to see which ones they think are the best and any ideas from them on how you may be able to touch them up in Photoshop.


You could try showing your pictures … say like of
a shopping area and have a voice clip runnning in
the background in the native language.
Kinda like your looking at the shopping center and
can hear the people talking.

you could do the same for a picture of the ocean.
Put in the sound of the sea with sea gulls in the
background or something like that.

You could also have a picture of a historic building
or a important statue with a narrative running at the
same time.

Hope some of this helps…good luck !

book form

Why not pick a theme, like all churchs or something like that. Depending on how many photos you have to present, anyway once you have your sequence make a book and present them that way.

Competing with the same pictures

… I went to Italy,Greece,and Germany…other people in my class that went too…i want a presentation…that will set my project apart from the others.:confused

Closeups can be the difference. Crop, Crop, Crop. Create motion, hope or anticipation by having someone walking in the far right of the frame, so you are anticipating their walking across to the right.

Humor is very good and unlikely everyone will present the same humor you did. If this is a slide show, present one picture that is cropped a number times and it will get bigger and bigger on the screen and look like motion, then shock them with a different one that relates to the series, for example, 3 crops of a flower getting bigger and bigger and the 4th, pop in the one with the bee on it.

Create themes and combine pictures on one page. Some examples would be, Europe on a rainy day. Children’s view, even colors, like things that are purple, pictures in sepia, or B&W, busy people, square buildings, it depends on what you have.

If you have a lot of pictures of one theme, for example a boatload of sculpture, if it is in a slide show, whip through them very fast, using an interesting technique.

You could make up a silly story that uses the pictures, for example, like make up your own Divinchy Code story, when you “don’t find a clue” then have one of your statues or artwork or person that looks very sad, etc., or something like The Great American Race.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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