Oranges PowerPoint Template

Oranges PowerPoint Template

Oranges PowerPoint Template, that shows two oranges – one cut in half and the other one from above.

It could be used for any presentation where you are looking to provide a fresh approach. For example for a new business plan or to show a new idea. It could be also used for a presntation on oranges, satsumas, citrus fruits, green grocers, farming, food production or the use of Vitamin C.

In days gone past people used oranges as the half time refreshments at a rugby game.

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Published On: 1st Oct 2006

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  1. Interesting ‘fresh’ feel.

    Lucca 28 Oct at 3:44 pm
  2. It’s cool template very fresh

    Andhika 29 Mar at 5:54 pm
  3. makes the audience eye refreshed when they feel tired… good

    diyan prabowo 10 Apr at 4:50 am
  4. thank u for this very usfel things

    ahmed osman 8 May at 2:52 pm
  5. i apreciate ur web site because presentation temlates ar really usefull.i would like to recieve presentation templates which containing pictures of foods & blue backgrounds. if you have this kind of templates send me.thank you

    manel dissanayaka 21 May at 10:59 am
  6. we do not have a lot of templates containing food, but for blue you can use the template builder blue

    admin 21 May at 5:57 pm
  7. Design of My Life.
    – choices in my life
    – goals for future
    – plan to reach the goals

    benjamin 25 Nov at 10:22 pm
  8. Useful as a team building presentation as I always use the analogy of an orange in discussing teams

    Susan Perkins 24 Dec at 12:59 pm
  9. Helpful Presentation

    tahirazeem 31 Dec at 1:56 pm
  10. This wesite is amazing. This is so useful I won the best presentaion award. Thanks a lot

    Mukund 17 Mar at 6:03 am
  11. It’s very useful for me,thanks.

    Fiyon 7 Apr at 5:34 pm
  12. really fresh.

    sakthi 18 Apr at 4:07 pm
  13. so good~thank you

    amigo 22 Apr at 2:19 am
  14. very nice theme!! Thank you

    kimtran 1 May at 1:12 pm
  15. the orange template is cool yaar…

    saurabh 7 May at 12:15 pm
  16. beautiful and original

    Anonymous 24 May at 6:57 am
  17. Cool template! Thanks!

    Anonymous 15 Jun at 6:25 am
  18. fresh! thanks very much!!!

    amanda 27 Oct at 12:37 pm
  19. Great theme – ideal for an A.M. presentation.

    kersnerfler 12 Nov at 4:04 pm
  20. I love this 😡

    Nhung 25 May at 9:44 pm
  21. thank you

    yuli 6 Jun at 8:37 am
  22. very good

    Anonymous 10 Jun at 5:44 am
  23. thank you.

    ning 1 Jul at 4:43 pm
  24. i like it..thanks for this! really helpful for my presentation. would you have other fruits like the red ones? or grapes in vines maybe?

    the watchdog 8 Jul at 8:11 am
  25. very fesh

    rhe 21 Aug at 7:48 am
  26. i love it. very fresh and so delicious!!!

    nhicael_24 17 Sep at 7:51 am
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