Online Advent Calendar Template

Online Advent Calendar Template

You can use this free advent calendar in PowerPoint or you can print it and use it on your wall.

If you are using it in PowerPoint, use the first slide, then delete a number on each day and a picture will be revealed underneath each number.

If you want to print it, use slides 2 and 3. On slide 3 cut along the dotted lines on each number, then stick slide 3 on top of slide 2, sticking at the edges only. You can then open each number on the corresponding day and reveal the Christmas image underneath.

Online Advent Calendar Template inside page
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Published On: 30th Nov 2018

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  1. […] that all seems at bit much then the advent calendar template used at Presentation Helper may be of use. It is not actually Christian as you can see from the image to the right. However it […]

    Free Christian advent calendars | free Christian resources 15 Nov at 11:12 pm
  2. it is a a very good site and everyone should go on it because there is everything on it for anybody who wants to have fun and talk to there friends. Young or old it doesn’t matter. Anyone can go on it aslong as they are over 13.

    Josie 13 Dec at 7:55 pm
  3. Hey this is amazing stuff. Simple yet very useful

    uk 6 Apr at 10:29 am
  4. I would like to use it as an incentive for my Grandchildren to look beyond the true meaning of Christmas.

    Janet Bradley 10 Nov at 12:19 pm
  5. Fantastic! Used it in a school assembly. Saved loads of time! Thanks

    Catherine Smith 24 Nov at 8:23 pm
  6. Thanks for this, I will use it at home for my two boys,.

    Stephanie 2 Dec at 10:48 pm
  7. Too bad I didn’t find it on time. I’ll have to wait a bit to use it.

    Poncec 31 Dec at 7:27 pm
  8. I love this template. There are so few places nowadays to get the ‘old-fashioned’ type of Advent Caledar, where there were no chocolates, we had a different one every year-and the excitement was simply to see each morning throughout December what the picture would be behind each door. I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find a CD with printable Advent Calendars on-but no joy. So this is great – THANK YOU!!!

    Lesley-Anne 29 Aug at 10:28 pm
  9. I love this calendar.

    jlutz 3 Dec at 3:22 pm
  10. the online calendar thinks it’s 30th November and doesn’t work

    sl 2 Dec at 11:01 pm

    KAYLEIGH 13 Dec at 4:03 pm