My worst sales moment – the over amourous lady

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The over amorous lady – by Patrick

This story happened some years ago when I was a young estate agent. I was called round to do a valuation on a house. On arriving I was greeted by a middle aged lady who was wearing a rather skimpy negligee…

I was rather taken aback, but being young I started with my examination of the house and taking measurements. The lady made a few rather suggestive comments about how hot it was and why didn’t I take off my jacket. When we got to her bedroom she laid down on the bed which was covered with a number of cuddly teddy bears etc. She asked me if I wanted to stroke one of the teddy bears. I said that I was a bit too busy and carried on with the measurements as quickly as I could.

She gradually got the message that I was not interested and by the time I left had put on some more clothes. I completed the valuation in record time and got out as fast as I can.

On returning to my car – which was parked around the corner. I found that I had a flat tyre. I had get our the spare and change the tyre. It took a bit of work to change the tyre so that by the time I got back to the office, I was rather flushed had undone my top button and was about half an hour late. I told the gang in the office about the older woman. They then observed that my top button was undone, looking flushed and half an hour late. They put two and two together and made five! I never lived it down.


Published On: 9th Apr 2007

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