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Presentation software from emaze – featuring a range of ready-made templates – makes it easier to create a lasting impression.

Presentation software has really started to emerge in the past few years. Traditionally, it has been dominated by PowerPoint and, to a lesser extent, Keynote or Open Office.

With the advent of cloud-based presentation technology, we have witnessed the birth of Google Docs Presentations (now part of Goggle Drive), Prezi and now the new contender, emaze.

In this review we take a quick peek at some of its features.

A creative approach to moving between slides

The software offers a range of options when it comes to choosing how you move between slides, from taking your audience on a stroll around a gallery – with each slide featuring as a piece of art work – to having a pair of magic hands throw your slides into the foreground.

The hands open to reveal a new slide emerging.

Figure 1 – The hands open to reveal a new slide emerging.

Stage 2 - The slide is thrown into the foreground ready for the next part of your presentation.

Figure 2 – The slide is thrown into the foreground ready for the next part of the presentation.

The software also allows you to embed YouTube videos into your presentations, as well as add in a range of sound effects.

Data can be presented through visually digestible graphs

Far too many of us have had to sit through presentations featuring graphs with small text and thin coloured lines, while the presenter has struggled to communicate their relevance.

The emaze software, however, offers a series of solutions to this classic problem, from magnifying individual statistics while they are the focus of the discussion, to providing a range of image-based alternatives to the classic graph, all of which help the presenter to convey their message as clearly as possible.


A clear and simple alternative to the traditional pie chart.


Incorporating the subject matter in the theme of a graph can help to emphasise your point.

Share a copy of your presentation with the world

Being cloud-based, you can access your emaze presentation from any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

This also enables you to email a link to your presentation to your audience, as well as share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers.

You can make further use of this feature by using the ‘automatic translation’ tool, which allows you to translate your slides into another language at the click of a button.

Don’t overdo it with the side effects

Overall, the emaze presentation software offers a fun alternative to programs such as SlideShare.

The only thing to be wary of is overdoing it, as too much movement could leave your audience suffering from motion sickness.

For more information about emaze, visit their website.


Published On: 8th Sep 2014

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