Masonic Ladies Night Speech to Worshipful Master

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Masonic Ladies Night Speech to Worshipful Master

Masonic Ladies Night

as i will be the new worshipful master i have to give a speech and a toast to the current worshipful master at a forthcoming ladies night, can you please give me some tips of what i could say? unfortunately i do not know the current master very well therefore i am unsure of what to say, id like to make it a little humerous if possible? can you please help

many thanks

toast to W.M.

Before the night speak to the W.M’s best friend& or wife & they will provide you with all the background you need.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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  1. I expected some sort of words, not go and talk to people who know the person!

    W Maynard 31 Oct at 5:18 pm
  2. It was good advise. they will be able to provide you with snippets that maybe every other Mason hasn’t already used. The rest is congratulating them on their successful year, on the ceremony of your installation,mention any events that went well. How you hope to continue the good work with your new officers and that you are glad to have him there for support in your upcoming year.

    Martin Pearson. WM Lodge Acacia 2321 21 Feb at 6:43 pm