marketing topic

marketing topic

marketing topic

my boss gave me a task of doing a presentation about any marketing topics i choose. i searched on the internet about marketing topics but i understood nothing , i got lost. plz help me choose an easy but useful topic to talk about and help me through this presentation .this is my first time.

Here are some marketing-related topics that you can consider;

1. The importance of internet-marketing in the modern world.

2. The power of viral marketing.

3. Sublinimal marketing in movies.

Hope these help, good luck.

Here are some more to give you a wider choice:

1. The four P’s of marketing
2. Brand management and why its important
3. Packaging design: its influences on the buyer
4. The decrease in the usage of the customer relationship management (CRM) model

Hope this helps – just google any of them and you’ll get loads of info!



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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