Marbles PowerPoint Template

Marbles PowerPoint Template

This template is a collection of three coloured marbles.

A marble is a small spherical toy usually made from glass, clay, steel, or agate.  Most commonly, they are about ½ inch (1.25 cm) in diameter, but they may range in size. Marbles can be used for a variety of games and are often collected, both for nostalgia and for their aesthetic colours.

This could be used for presentations on games, rainbow colours, and even history, as historically it was an amusing game to play in the playground.

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Published On: 22nd Aug 2011

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  1. Excelente templates thanks a lot

    Jorge Lona 25 Sep at 12:26 am
  2. Plan to use as educational background for a presentation — Teaching comprehension without losing your marbles….

    reading lady 28 May at 6:53 pm
  3. I can’t seem to edit the title slide, otherwise this is perfect for what I am working on. I love your website and appreciate all the wonderful options! Just a tad disappointed I can’t edit the title slide.

    Laura 3 Jun at 5:20 pm
  4. Title Page is not editable!
    Great work for sharing

    edison 15 Nov at 4:05 am
  5. Hi Edison,

    thanks for letting us know! I have now edited it so the title page should now be editable

    Rachael Boynton 15 Nov at 1:39 pm