Magazine PowerPoint Template

Magazine PowerPoint Template

This fun free PowerPoint template shows a variety of magazine covers from a beauty magazine to a trade/business magazine or a technical magazine.

This would be great for building your own magazine for either a school project or as part of a business plan or even as a fun project to do at home. Why not also try our very popular Newspaper Template

If you have enjoyed using this template, please let us know in the comments box below, what you used it for.

Magazine PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 14th Aug 2011

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  1. I particularly liked this template in that it has a modern look and feel, yet is suitable for both formal and informal presentations. I plan to use it for internal company ‘light training’ for millenials and Gen X’ers.

    Robbie 15 Mar at 11:00 pm
  2. this is amazing

    Emma 20 May at 10:03 am
  3. Thanks so much for making these awesome templates available to us all.

    Amber 1 Jul at 3:50 am
  4. Awesome template. I’m using it in my magazine presentation.
    Thank you very much

    jose 30 Oct at 11:41 pm
  5. Thank you!! Great for my fifth grade students to get creative with PPT.

    Kia J 15 Apr at 3:10 pm
  6. Looks great, however I have not figured out how to change the magazine cover to the photo I want it to be. Help please. Thanks

    Jamie 21 Oct at 2:23 am
  7. These are really good. I plan to use for my boss’ 50th birthday. thank you.

    suzi 11 Dec at 10:55 am
  8. Thank you for all of your templates, they are awesome! Will use for presentations and fun gifts.

    Anonymous 17 Dec at 1:46 pm
  9. With the magazine template where do I find the inside pages? I have only worked out how to use the cover.

    Gwendoline smith 27 Feb at 4:50 am
  10. awesome templates, thank you so much! A definite timesaver 🙂

    Tamika 6 Mar at 5:15 pm
  11. Such GREAT JOB!! Thanks LOADS ;))

    Jackie 3 Aug at 12:22 pm
  12. Love it, thanks! How do I change the background blurred image? I want to use another person profile?

    Bren 18 Sep at 6:26 pm
  13. Your templates are phenomenal!!! My students will love these! Thank you!!(You’ve made a creative teacher very happy)

    Rudyne 17 Oct at 10:04 pm
  14. Thank you, these templates will be great for students to use!

    Knico 16 Feb at 5:27 am
  15. Ces modèles sont très inspirants.

    Simon 11 Apr at 12:50 pm
  16. Very helpful…. thank you so much

    Trihump 11 Jun at 12:52 pm
  17. Can these templates be used on an IPad? I would love to use them with my students.

    Sylvia 23 Jan at 5:52 am
  18. This is pretty awesome. I considered paying for a similar set of slides. Great work folks, I’m VERY appreciative for these templates. They save time!

    Lastmintue Slide deck maker 11 Aug at 6:51 am