Lost son-in-law need – help with eulogy

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Lost son-in-law – need help w/ eulogy

My son-in-law was sick for the past year, in and out of the hospital with diabetes complications. My daughter sacrificed her life for him to make sure he had everything (that is what a wife does) He died suddenly during a routine surgery the other day. She did not get a chance to say goodbye and it is tearing her up. Need help with a eulogy & to mention my daughter as the person / rock that she was.

Maybe the funeral is over by now so I hope you found some lovely words to say.
This site contains many poems and readings normally used at weddings but I often use ‘love’ poems at funerals where there has been a deep and abiding love. Acknowledging that love can fit very well into a eulogy.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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