Job interview

Job interview

Job interview

I have been asked to give a 15 minute presentation to the Centre staff and interview panel members on ‘What I could contribute to the Research and Management of the academic unit I am applying to.

I hate these presentations as they always sound so boastful!!!
All ideas/approaches gratefully received.

Don’t worry about it sounding boastful, after all you did not get to choose the topic. Instead focus on your previous achievements in your current/past jobs, talk about how you corrected a specific problem or improved some aspect of the business.

Discuss your people skills, how well you would integrate into a new team and make reference to what you hope to achieve if you get the job.

More specific, it will be better for the audience if you can concentrate on how best you can be in a team, quote specific team work incidents which was beneficial to your earlier organization and clarify how your association can be useful to the company looking to hire you, of course if you can be specific in this, it can attract the audience’s attention

Cabin Crew Interview

Hi all

I have a cabin crew interview on the 14th nov in bristol for thomas cook… im am terrified that im going to mess up as i really want this job….. i have been doing loads of research into questions n answers and i no i have to be confident ……. is there any thing else that i need to know???

it would really help thanks

by the way is any body else going to that interview???



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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