Interview PowerPoint Template

Interview PowerPoint Template

One of our readers has kindly adapted last week’s ‘Swoosh’ template to help them with a job interview.

Thanks Poma for your creative design.

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Published On: 11th Jan 2010

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  1. Very 90’s kitch.

    Not particularly ‘Steve Jobs’ is it?

    And what’s with the bullet points.. no one should ever use BPs in a ppt ever again.

    Marvin 15 Jan at 10:07 pm
  2. I’m not sure that Steve Jobs has many interviews.

    admin 22 Jan at 10:21 pm
  3. Very helpful site! Nice and professional presentations.

    Arevik Muradyan 1 Feb at 7:03 pm
  4. QUeria utilizar para uma apresentação de um trabalho escolar porém não consigo fazer o download

    FABIO 28 Mar at 2:03 am
  5. kamecol 30 Mar at 12:41 pm
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