Insert video or sound clips into PowerPoint 2003

Insert video or sound clips into PowerPoint 2003

Insert video or sound clips into PowerPoint 2003

I have written an article in this forum about how to embed YouTube video into PowerPoint 2007. Now I will tell you how to insert video or sound clips into PowerPoint 2003.

Attentaion: Always put the movie, sound and video in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. If you later move the PowerPoint presentation to another computer, copy the movie too. Keeping your movie in the same folder as your presentation ensures the link will still work. However, you should always test the movie on a new machine just to be certain. Re-insert the movie, if necessary.

1. On the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds, and then click Movie from File.

2. Click the video you want to use and then click OK.
3. After you click OK, you’re prompted with a message asking how you want the movie to start in the slide show.

Recommend choosing automatically even if you want the movie to play when clicked – I’ll talk about how to set this part too. (If you choose When Clicked you have to click the black box to start the movie. Because I don’t like to show the black box on the slide, I do this a little differently.
4. Right-click the movie objects (the small rectangle) and on the shortcut menu, clicks Edit Movie Object.

5. The Movie Options dialog box appears. Select what you want, and then click OK.

For example: Play the movie full Screen

Test this now to see how it works by starting the slide show. (On the Slide Show menu, click View Show.) Advance to the slide with the movie, (best if you have the title of the movie on it). Within a couple of seconds, the movie starts to play full screen. When the movie finishes, you return to the same slide (but no unsightly box appears). Click to advance to your next slide.

I’m surprised that people need instructions on that.

For all its faults (of which there are many!) Powerpoint is pretty easy to use, isn’t it?!

My experience has always been that “if it works at all, it works easily”. Good point reminding people to move the movie too – PPT works a little differently from some other M$ software, which work by embedding, not linking.


of course, you know this quite well!
But a lot of people still confused about this simple question. you will truly feel it when you search through this forum!

One more thing…

…. can I make a suggestion for what you do next? ( You’re instructions were cool so it’d be useful to see this next thing widely available)

Before you can insert into PowerPoint, you’ve got to get the darn video downloaded. YouTube don’t make that easy! Explaining how to download and save the vids in a usable format is always a useful thing to explain.

Keep up the good work.


Pump Up the Volume

How can I either increase the volume of my dialogue or decrease the volume of the music so that it is in the background? In addition is it possible to have the music volume decrease and increase dependent on which slide is on the screen and/or when I stop speaking?


Soundly Perplexed


I try to put a downloaded video onto my powerpoint presentation but it does not work…when I press movie from file/gallery I cant find my downloaded video anywhere…pleasse help…

Changing the volume

Hi John – the only way really reliable way I can think of doing this is to have someone manually change the volume of your speakers while you’re making your presentation. Not sophisticated but at least practical!

Two other options.

Use something like audacity to change the music with volume increases and decreases at appropriate points – you’ll have to get the timing right, of course; bung this into your presentation and make sure you stick to the timing!

Alternatively, have two versions of the soundtrack – which will need to be pretty minimalistic (in the musicological technical sense) – and have have one of them louder than the other. Put them into your presentation at the points you want the music to change volume on different slides and simply change the slide as you want the music to change: the slides can look the same, of course, so only you know the trick you’re using. Obviously this will only work with the right kind of music.


PS: Mind you – I’m not saying I think this is a good idea!



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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