I have a dream

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I have a dream

I have a dream

I need to complete a 10 minute presentation of no more than 10 slides on the title I have a dream.
Any ideas?

Take a look at this analysis we wrote a couple of years ago


I think the best would be to choose a topic that interests you. Dare to be personal!

What are your dreams? Can you use any of them?

A topic like football can be much more interesting than a serious political issue if you are able to deliver it with passion and finesse.

Also, be careful with the slides. I hate it when speakers overuse them. Especially Powerpoint.

Good Luck!

First things first

Don’t start by thinking about the presentation! Start by thinking about your dreams (if that’s what you’re going to present about). All too often people put the cart before the horse and worry about the how they’re going to make their presentation before they sort out the content of their presentation!


Let me tell you about my dream…snore!!!!

One of the most boring subjects anyone can talk to you about is “the dream they had last night”. People fane interest but quite frankly they cant picture what you have dreamt. So, stay away from recapping a specific dream.

Instead see ‘dream’ as a vision, as a better life. Question the status quo and present a topic which or even should raise some debate.

The previous post which refers to MLKing is good in that it breaks the speech into parts. Do the same with your presentation, paint the scene as it is today and draw out the craziness, then deliver your vision, reiterating again and again how your vision would make for a better place to live in.

One word of caution, keep your subject highly focussed. A presentation on a global issue could potentially take you down routes that you dont know about and there is a chance that your audience will know more about the subject than you. At this point YOU loose control of your presentation. The FIRST RULE OF SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATIONS…YOU MUST REMAIN IN CONTROL


I’d kind of assumed this in my post TBH. Dreams you have when you’re asleep bore the hell out of everyone unless they involved lots of adult, attractive nymphomanicas – but they’re not necessarily good ideas of presentation topics!



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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