Hip Green 1

Hip Green 1

Hip Light Green template with a light green flower star in a 1950s style theme. All vector based and so can be easily changed.

Hip Green 1 inside page
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Published On: 8th Oct 2006

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  1. it’s excellent for presenting in education.

    mitsuvan 31 Oct at 10:40 pm
  2. i like it!

    sss 12 Nov at 12:01 pm

    casey 18 Dec at 7:46 pm
  4. This one is awesome i love it! the color is great! it catches peoples attention!

    Pickles rule 10 Feb at 6:08 pm
  5. i like it

    sg 14 Feb at 8:05 pm
  6. very nice, thanks alot

    akdass 21 Sep at 10:28 pm
  7. Simple and useful, thanks!

    paraci 11 Jan at 7:52 pm
  8. like it for a natural environmental campaign

    nfdoce 3 Feb at 2:37 pm
  9. Needed a template for a proejct I am working on that reduces the use of paper – this is a great combo that fits in with the porejct. Thanks

    Phil P 15 Feb at 5:51 pm
  10. this is so nice and simple! thanks! 😀

    teacher noelle 31 Mar at 6:28 am
  11. needed for a presentation in university about the ecology

    giedre 12 Apr at 8:38 pm
  12. matches my taste

    lk 15 Jul at 8:55 pm
  13. I’ve searched the internet for sites offering powerpoint templates…been doing so for years…how I ever missed your site is beyond me but this is easily the best template site…and this design your own option is, well, awesome. Will share this site with everyone.

    doug y 20 Aug at 3:13 pm
  14. it’s great!

    eileen 27 Oct at 10:23 am
  15. great !!

    toey 28 Nov at 3:31 pm
  16. Green is my favorite color and I LOVE making PowerPoints

    Olive 5 Apr at 4:06 pm
  17. awesome!

    april 20 Sep at 6:49 pm
  18. Nice template. Thanks a lot!

    Scarlett 23 Mar at 2:45 am
  19. me gsuto mucho me servira para mis presentaciones de la escuela… grax

    liliii 19 May at 12:11 am