help needed for a twelve year old for sports captain

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help needed for a twelve year old for sports captain

help needed for a twelve year old for sports captain

Help needed. I was wondering how do u confuse or turn people around to vote for you?
& I was also wondering about sports captain what are some things that I could do for them as being sports captain?

sports captain

You need to be on time, set a good example.
Always be at the front of the line and participating in your sports drills and leading with enthusiasm. No matter what problems come up, you need to be a part of the solution not the problem. Don’t accept excuses. Don’t ever give up. Be positive, promote your team and members, encourage spirit and unity.
I coach soccer, when I pick my captains’ every week, it’s aways the child who has spread the most team spirit and positive pratices that week.

Lead team cheers and chants. Have fun.

one more thing

i’m not sure I would want any leader or captain of my team to have the user name Bad B—–, even if you are, show it on the field by being athletic or competitive.
be good.

What about if a child is always working hard in practice and is leading by example, but does not really delegate much authority or team spirit, not because he/she does not want to, but for other reasons. Could that person be accepted as a good leader.

sports captain.

Being given thn of a sports captain means you must have two things, abiliaty and respect from the team.

If your team is playing poorly, you must raise spirits, and show them its not time to give up yet.

And trust me, it is absolutely useless to try and get a group of people motivated, or to listen to you if they don’t respect you.

But even with both of the points that I have made, you need to pay attention to the points above. You need to turn up on time, always give 110%, compliment players if they are doing well, and set examples, (eg, if its football, always clean your boots and have a clean kit. small things but people notice.)

Good luck.

gd luck

im a hockey captain n im 13

every1 says the most important thing is to keep your team’s spirits up that is important but the most important thing is to keep cool, don’t get frustrated and try and see things from their points of view. ALso people say you have to encourage them and whatever and maybe thats good but you’ve got to keep real you cant tell them that you know your gonna beat the opposition wen uno u wont coz if you dont its just goin to let them down. also reward them every so often coz they seem to play a lot better when you compliment them….chocolates r also gd coz every1 loves chocolate… if you have a jerk in your team who wont do wot u say just leave them to sort out their own problems coz eventually they will come around
gd luck but dont be too pushy


Originally Posted by bad_bitch

Help needed. I was wondering how do u confuse or turn people around to vote for you?
& I was also wondering about sports captain what are some things that I could do for them as being sports captain?

I was the soccer captain for our high school’s JV team, and basically, this is what it boiled down to for me:

1). being supportive: encourage your teammates, make them feel better about themselves. Never be negative. Happy, confident teammates play better than depressed, angry ones.

2). doing the work: every day I carried bags or cones or balls or the water jug. By being a good role model, it encourages the others to help too. And if they don’t, you can get on them for it and they won’t resent you because its not like your not working your butt off and they are.

3). stepping up: volunteer. If you coach asks for a volunteer, do it. Take the initiative to do the things that maybe your teammates are afraid to do, or just flat out WON’T do.

4). setting an example on and off the field: play well and with confidence when you play and at practice, always do your best and never give up. If the captain has given up, why should the others continue on? When you’re not on the field, try not to start fights. Be a mediator and smooth out any drama you come across.

5)Respect: have respect for your teammates and try to understand their point of view. If you respect them, they’ll respect you.

Why would you do all these things? Well, If you have even just one person holding the team together, you’ll preform better and in those tight situations where everything is falling apart, if you’ve done all the things above, your teammates will have the utmost respect for you and when you ask them to give it their all and not give up for the sake of the team, they WILL listen.

Captain is a powerful position, and good luck to you in filling it!!!


do all of the things said, without being or appear being big-headed, this makes being a sports captin more challenging to younger people without them realising.


Ive found from being captain of my Rugby team for 3 years that you need to build a good relationship with your team mates in order to be respected and listened to.
If you continue to be stroppy and shout at them they will get annoyed and stop listening.

Generally when a game is going badly or we are losing players start to pass the ball to me an awful lot, i always try my best to bring something good of it. Take the responsibilty and show your team that you can do it, because if you start playing well, there is a good chance your team will follow and have a good game also.

Try to stay out of the fights and talk to your players to get a message across rather than scream in their general direction. Train hard because players will follow the captain (thats what the captain is for really!) All in all set a good playing example, don’t take shortcuts throughout training and try your hardest.

One golden rule is to show respect to the Referee, if a captain does not have respect for the referee, no one will and your team will ultimately get disciplined for the poor behaviour on show.

Mostly though, enjoy it. You are the captain for a few reasons, you are good at what you do, you have respect from the players and coaches and also you set a good example. Try to keep these things going and your overall game should also improve.

I am 17 years old and hope to be playing rugby for a very long time. Hope this helps with your problem.



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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