Help! 20 minutes presentation..audience involvement

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Help! 20 minutes presentation..audience involvement

Help! 20 minutes presentation..audience involvement

I have to do a 20 minute presentation related to a book I read.

something about…

women’s rights or
freedom or
making your own choices


no movies…powerpoint nothing…

if you could help me out that would be GREAT thank you doctor

The first (and perhaps hardest) part is to work out the book that you want to present on.

I don’t know much about womens rights literature, but for freedom or power of choice I can recommend.

“A long walk to freedom” by Nelson Mandela
“The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho

Once you have decided on the book please drop another line onto the Forum

Lives of Girls and Women, Alice Munro

it doesn’t have to be about the book, but something to do with the main themes

could be about
-bad relationships
-women’s freedom /rights (maybe the difference between womens rights today and during the 1940s, when the book was set)
-making your own choices

i just need to find creative ways to involve the audience

class of around 25

Thank you

One technique would be to read a passage out of the book. This should be a passage about making choices. You could first give some background about the passage.

Relating to the book – It could be a choice of whether Del should have stayed in Jubilee or whether she should have worked to go to University. I have not read the book all the way through so you would be more familiar with what bit works best.

You could then ask the audience to write dwon what they think would be a good choice and why.

A more risky – but potentailly amusing approach – would be to ask the audience to write down an amusing personal choice they have made and then later ask them to read it out. If you feel that the audience is unlikely to open up as a large group, it would be possible to get the audience to group up into twos and to play back their findings to each other.

Either way – I suggest that if you can that you go through a dummy run before the event.

Thank you very much!

this is a really great thing your doing


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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