Growing Business Template

Growing Business Template

A Growing Business Template, with growth being shown as a business person getting larger in size.

The template is on a blue background with yellow headlines and white text. Could be used for a presentation on small business, SME, motivation or possibly even book keeping. Can be customized to include your business name.

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Published On: 11th Nov 2006

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  1. shoul be a human facing at the front.

    neha 10 Dec at 7:21 am
  2. blue is good. but can the line have other color? so its will more colorful. thanks

    dewai 30 Jan at 2:24 am
  3. Thank u vry mch its great.

    Yogesh 5 Jul at 8:21 am
  4. Men with their backs create negative impression.
    Would be far more better if they were turned with their faces…

    Aliya 21 Oct at 4:47 am
  5. would be nice if you creat a .gif image of persons growing… i mean another version of the same

    Govindraj 4 Dec at 6:01 am
  6. Thank you men are ok looking upwards at the new growing business empowering them to grow as well

    derek 29 Dec at 8:43 pm
  7. I like the concept of improvement using people to attain higher levels.

    AJ 16 Jun at 3:37 pm
  8. thanks, it is good

    Anonymous 18 Jul at 5:06 pm
  9. Thank, it is good presentation idea

    Anonymous 18 Jul at 5:07 pm
  10. Thanks.. I have downloaded some of the awesome templates… especially the business ones..

    I am a motivational speaker and will use them in one of my upcoming sessions..


    Nuruddin Abjani 21 Sep at 8:09 pm
  11. i’m working on a research about innovation, and these templates are wounderfull for my presentation… thanks so much, and good luck guyz

    Amany 28 Sep at 6:46 pm
  12. nice templates, thank u, i downloaded some of those beautiful templates

    jahnavi 27 Nov at 3:43 pm
  13. Very useful for small businesses just starting up.

    Kimmy 25 Jan at 4:25 am
  14. Very helpful – I have to present at an interview and this will help immensely.. Thanks.

    Gary 13 Mar at 11:36 am
  15. Very helpful – I am using it for an interview presentation

    ged 10 Apr at 10:52 am
  16. Using for a school presentation.

    Holly 3 Aug at 2:07 am
  17. Thank you so much
    simple but powerful

    bo 27 Nov at 3:58 pm
  18. The ppt. Templates are very impressive & useful for research.

    Dr. Vijay Oak 21 Nov at 1:44 am