Glow Stick PowerPoint Template

Glow Stick PowerPoint Template

This quirky template shows multi-coloured glow sticks on a black background. 

The rainbow colours make this a bright and cheerful template.

A glow stick is a single-use translucent plastic tube which makes light when two solutions are allowed to mix. The sticks consist of a small fragile container within a flexible outer container. Each container holds one of the two solutions. When the outer container is bent, it breaks the inner container, releasing the first solution into the second. After breaking, the tube is shaken to mix the two components.

Glow sticks are frequently used for entertainment at parties (particularly raves), concerts and dance clubs.

This template could be used for presentations on lights, glow sticks, clubbing, dancing, the rainbow and colours.

Glow Stick PowerPoint Template inside page
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Published On: 13th Oct 2014

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