Fridge Magnet PowerPoint Template

Fridge Magnet PowerPoint Template

This great alphabet template allows you to move around each letter to create your own words – from your own name, to project titles and even fun cards.

To follow on from this template we have created the Fridge Magnet Alphabet (Numbers and Punctuation) template.

Another great template is our Transparent Letters PowerPoint Template, which allows you to add your own background image to your letters.

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Published On: 13th Feb 2012

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  1. Very nice template. I love how the letters look so chunky and how they can be resized. Also like how the letters can overlap. Thank you!

    Victoria Miles 24 Mar at 11:28 pm
  2. Your fridge magnet pp is so interesting and nice. I think my 7 year daughter also can make her own slide… Thank you.

    Warda 2 Dec at 4:58 am
  3. bonjour tout le monde aujourd’hui je vous presante deux chambres de ma maison

    Anonymous 10 Mar at 10:32 am