Free 2017 Monthly Calendar Template (Sunday Start)

Free 2017 Monthly Calendar Template (Sunday Start)

We listened to your requests and now have a Sunday start for our 2017 PowerPoint template. You can print it out onto a single page to use as a calendar.

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It is great for kids as you can cut it up to make your own calendars.

Free 2017 Monthly Calendar Template (Sunday Start) inside page
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Published On: 18th Nov 2016

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  1. Very useful, thanks

    indira 13 Sep at 9:11 pm
  2. can not find January 2017 blank Sunday start

    Lisa 18 Oct at 8:56 pm
  3. Hi Lisa,

    apologies this was my mistake – it should now be updated with all dates

    Rachael Boynton 24 Oct at 9:38 am
  4. Thank you very useful!

    Madelynn Anduray 3 Jan at 5:35 pm
  5. Hi,
    Is there anyway to make this portrait? When i go to print and select portrait it will not save the setting and prints as landscape which does not fit into our binder, any tips are appreciated thanks.

    Abigail 7 Jan at 3:07 am
  6. I believe you have a version that starts with Monday, but I can’t find it. Can you help? Thanks

    paula gardner 25 Jan at 10:01 pm
  7. Rachael Boynton 27 Jan at 9:57 am
  8. Thank you for these great calendars!

    Dale 18 May at 9:07 pm
  9. I love it!

    Thank you!

    May 14 Jun at 5:01 pm
  10. I wanted to print only August, September and October 2017 but could find no way of doing it amongst all the information. I ended up wasting 11 pages of paper before giving up. Surely this should not be difficult.


    James 19 Jul at 9:22 am
  11. Hi James,
    To print off those months you would go to file< Print< Settings< Custom Range. Where it says"slides:"enter 9-11, and it will only print those three months which are on slides 9, 10 and 11.

    Amy Pearce 19 Jul at 1:11 pm
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