Free 2013 Monthly Calendar Template

Free 2013 Monthly Calendar Template

Here is another addition to our calendar family.  It is a monthly calendar template for 2013. Like all of our templates, it has been done in PowerPoint with a month on each page.

These templates are easy to change and you can add your own text, and colour the individual boxes. You could use one at home on the fridge door to keep the family’s busy schedule together.

Please let us know how you use this calendar and if you have any ideas on how we could change or add to it.

Free 2013 Monthly Calendar Template inside page
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Published On: 11th Dec 2011

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  1. Thank you very much just what I need to input my shifts

    Frank 8 Nov at 12:00 pm
  2. Thanks so much! I used these calenders to make my class a year calender for their parents 🙂

    Bailey 7 Dec at 3:29 am
  3. WOW – this is great for school… I wonder if there’s a way to connect it to Outlook calendar!?

    Anonymous 10 Dec at 1:23 am
  4. Will use to track purchasing of lab supplies and estimate when to reorder.

    Julia 10 Dec at 4:28 pm
  5. This is great. Thanks so much!!

    It would be nice if you had the option to start the week w/ Sunday. This is more consistent with a lot of other calendars.

    Landon 13 Dec at 5:41 pm
  6. Thanks.

    However why make it Powerpoint when not everyone has Powerpoint?

    Alice 15 Jan at 2:27 pm
  7. Will colour code and use for financial tracking (i.e. money in/bills out). I need it ‘visibly in my face’ in order to plan better and keep on track better.

    Kate from UK 22 Jan at 11:27 pm
  8. The dates for the 2013 calendar are placed incorrectly. Also, can’t edit ALL boxes at once because they are shapes not cells. Text size varies from box to box.

    AA 30 Jan at 3:36 pm
  9. Hi slightly confused by your comment as you cant edit all the boxes together – you highlight all the boxes and then can change font, size, colour etc. We have only designed it so month is biggest font, followed by the days of the week and then the day (the day being the smallest so it allows you to write any plans in it – if you print it out)
    All our previous calendars are in the same format.

    rboynton 31 Jan at 11:09 am
  10. Thanks!!!Just what I needed

    Carolina 19 Mar at 11:30 pm
  11. Wanting to print out 2014 but not sure how to change the year cheers

    Joanne McClintock 29 Aug at 5:44 am