Free 2009 printable calendar template

Free 2009 printable calendar template

A simple PowerPoint template – a yearly calendar for 2009. You can print it out onto a single page to use as a calendar.

For kids it is great as you can cut it up to make your own calendars.

[We have just updated the 2008 calendar template so that this has 2009 included as well – Editor]

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Published On: 6th Sep 2008

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  1. nice site

    lydia 12 Oct at 5:57 pm
  2. We are looking for a template which will fit on an A4 sheet with space a for a photo on the top half and all 12 months of 2008 at the bottom to make children’s calendars.


    Nieve Thomas 19 Nov at 3:20 pm
  3. I am also looking for a clearm easy to use template for a nursery calendar thanks

    ann lynch 29 Nov at 12:03 pm
  4. i am looking for a year calendar that fits on half an a4 sheet to enable children to draw a picture above it needs to be printable as i need it tomorrow


    ange 30 Nov at 4:27 pm
  5. I am looking for a template which will fit A5 with space for a photo on the top half and all 12 months at the bottom for Xmas gift calendars.

    Valerie 2 Dec at 4:21 pm
  6. I’m also looking to create a nursery photo calendar. This is ideal, i can use it to create A5 calendar at the bottom and children will create borders around a photo at the top of the page.

    sheena 7 Dec at 7:29 pm
  7. This is just ideal for my class to design a frame

    yve 8 Dec at 8:48 pm
  8. Thanks so much, was looking for a calendar template that I could use with a photo of the children

    Deedee 10 Dec at 2:58 pm
  9. i am also looking for a calander to use on half an a4 sheet with room for childrens art work

    rebekah rosser 10 Dec at 3:26 pm
  10. Excellent, simple but not simplistic. Thank you.

    JG 15 Dec at 12:33 pm
  11. This is very helpful. Thanks for doing the work and making the calendar available!

    MW 15 Dec at 9:50 pm
  12. so cool!!!!!

    G 16 Dec at 8:26 pm
  13. Thank you for the 2009 calendar in small print. I needed it to make a photo/calendar albumn as a gift.

    Martha 18 Dec at 4:33 am
  14. Great idea am using this to send to our loved ones in another state.

    Sue 22 Dec at 2:56 am
  15. Needed a small calendar to fit in my purse, to mark off the weekends I’m at work and plan around them.

    PT 27 Dec at 4:52 pm
  16. I’m creating a four month calendar for my sabbatical, great site.


    Mark 27 Dec at 6:52 pm
  17. I am making calendars for some ladies I visit each month.

    sally marker 30 Dec at 3:25 pm
  18. Thanks for this. Have you thought of doing it as a (resize-able? spelling!) jpeg so that one can adjust the size according to space available but remain sharp and clear as these are?

    Robin Forrester 2 Jan at 3:42 pm
  19. Thank you. This is just what myself and my colleagues have been after. Very thoughtful of you.

    Brom 5 Jan at 12:08 pm
  20. Hello I would love to use your template to create a calendar to give away for my presentation
    thank you very much


    ornella 7 Jan at 3:18 pm
  21. Thanks a lot – just using it by printing it out and hanging it on my office wall – very helpful :o)

    Rik 7 Jan at 4:35 pm
  22. Simple and easy. Thanks

    sarah 9 Jan at 5:16 pm
  23. Thanks, I was looking for 12 month calendar
    now I have thaks, will come in handly for work schedule


    Joe 11 Jan at 8:37 pm
  24. Thank you for this wonderful powerpoint file of year 2009

    internet 12 Jan at 12:06 pm
  25. I’m going to discuss plans for 2009 with my ESOL class learners

    Marie 14 Jan at 11:36 am
  26. thanks – very useful

    lesley 2 Feb at 11:55 am
  27. Thank you for making these available! They are a wonderful help! It took me less time to make these calendars than it took me to find this site! Now I can spend the saved time being more productive.

    grateful 9 Feb at 3:31 pm
  28. Hooray I found a calendar that commences the week with a Monday – whereas other free downloads start with a Sunday – which is not useful at all.
    Many thanks!

    Ellie 13 Feb at 4:20 pm
  29. its a very usefull calendar to me coz i wannt a calendar for my office table ani i print it and stick on my table

    abid khan 21 Feb at 10:21 am
  30. This year I received no calendar so I decided to make my own one for home and I will also make one for the office. Very usefull. Thank you.

    Laura 24 Feb at 10:44 pm
  31. Thanks for this.
    I’ll be using it to plan my travelling. So much easier to use when it’s a year on a page!

    dan 26 Mar at 7:01 pm
  32. I would like to download a calendar A4 with windows to write dates, Thanks

    Clidd Dean 28 Mar at 1:13 pm
  33. One page calendar was just what I wanted. GREAATTTTTTTTTT.

    ken 30 Mar at 1:38 pm
  34. I want a calenda with twelve months on with space at the top to fit a some snaps in it needs to fit on a a4 sheet then i can laminate it

    Alan Weston 29 Nov at 12:54 pm
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