Flip Chart Presentation

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Flip Chart Presentation

Flip Chart Presentation

I have a 10 minute presntation to a board of 3 panel members and i have to present a given subject (education topic) No power point! Flip charts and props? Im struggling as i want to stand out from the other candidates.
Any suggestions would be really helpful.
Thanks and kind regards.

We’re good….

….but even we need more information. All you’ve told us is what you can’t do (PowerPoint) but not anything else, such as what the topic might be, how long you have to prepare etc…

We’re good here…. but we’re not telepathic!

To be honest, I wonder if you’re not fixating on Powerpoint and wondering what you can do instead of it simply because you’ve been told you can’t have it. What would you do if no one had mentioned PowerPoint to you? It should never be your first option anyway!




I am going to be given a subject about a Police related
issue such as motivation of officer, how to improve
supervision, how to reduce the budget these sort of topics.
The subject will be given on the day and I will have 30
minutes to prepare using a flip chart and 10 minutes to
present it. All topic will be made taking into consideration
financial constrains. I need guidance on how to structure it
and what to include. They may require for us to present it
in short term , medium and long term.

thanking you in advance

Okay – the best way….

….well perhaps not the best way but a good way….

Use your preparation time to create a mindmap or spidergram of the subject. Spend half your preparation time doing that, then stop and do something different (such as a cup of tea, if you’ve got the nerve) so that you can come back to it at the end of your preparation time with fresh eyes…

Use a different colour pen to heightlight the links and subjects that you *need* to talk about – looking for a logical and coherent pattern to make the presentation flow.

Good luck….


flip chart presentation

Thanks for the previous pointer but I still need some help on how to present it using short, mid and long term. Like I said before it the subjects are something like the following 1. how to motivate an officer to enlist in a department that no one volunteer for (firearms officer) 2. Improve supervision of the Police service 3. How to reduce the budget as to not suffer any officer being let go. Any subject given will have to consider financial constrains (no money to give for rewards, equipment etc).

PS like i said it will be an unknown subject given on the day and i will have 30 minutes to write on the flip chart being closed in a room and then 10 minutes to present it in front od 3 persons.

Ah, silly me!

Fancy thinking you wanted some tips on how to present the information, rather than just for us to write the whole thing for you!

Content-wise you’re on your own!



Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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