Father of the Bride Speech

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Father of the Bride Speech

Father of the Bride Speech

Help ! My eldest daughter is getting married in December, and she has asked me to say a few words, Trouble is I can get very emotional (I was a blubbing heap at my own wedding !). I have been divorced from her mum for over 20 years and unfortunately we don’t get on all that well. She will be at the top table with me and my wife of 11 years (unconventional I know ! Daughters idea !) I only want to say a few words, the usual stuff…..but how can I speak without looking a fool or breaking down ?
What sort of nice things can I say that won’t make me feel or look stupid !

Any advice ?

Father of the Bride speeches by their very nature can be emotional events, so don’t worry about letting out a few tears. The wedding guests will understand the difficulty of giving a speech when in an emotional state so if you get overcome simply ask for a second, have a long drink of water, dry your eyes and once composed come back to speak.

Tell the guests how proud you are of your daughter, provide a few heart-warming stories from her childhood, thank everyone for making the day such a special occasion and pay tribute to the Groom (and his family), praise the Bridesmaids and offer a toast to the future of the Newlyweds.

Father Of The Bride

This has to be so emotional and yet so satisfying, as your little girl is all grown up and speard her wings, flown the nest so to speak.

My Father In Law wasn’t much of a public speaker, he knew that he had to speak at our wedding and the following year he had to speak at my now sister in laws wedding, what a guy, and to think that at my Sister in Laws wedding his father had recently passed away and still managed to say a few words got a little tied up about it but passed it off with flying colours.

I take my hat off to him.

Seen as thought I’m not a father of the bride nor probably ever will be I’ll never experience it, but all I know is that it probably is emotional yet so gratifying to see your girl or in my father in laws case his girls settle down.

I hope that all went well with your speech in Decmeber.

Keep it Short and Sweet

If you’re worried about being an emotional wreck – the best bet is to keep the speech short and sweet.

Once you’ve gone through your thank you’s and a traditional toast there is little time for you to get emotional.

You can easily get away with a 3 minute speech.

Father of the Bride speech tips can be big help if you want some help with preparation.


Published On: 24th Oct 2015

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