Even more informative speech topics

Here are some weird and wacky informative speech topics that we have extracted from a range of posts on our Forum

The future of the pork sausage market
The importance of users logging all problems with the IT Helpdesk
Infrared Hardware
Ocean/lake dredging
A type of food or drink like Coke
The life of a potato

Cause & Effect
Ancient Egyptian mummification
Auckland – ‘the city of sails’
Adventure sports
Is advertising brainwashing us?
Gastric Bypass
Plastic Surgery
Capital Punishment
How to implement and maintain new policies in the workplace
The Godfather by Mario Puzo
“in 10 years time I will be…?”
Presenting technical information to managers
Analyse two characters from a biological, nursing or psychological view
Teaching origami
How to bake a cake
Why wearing a suit makes you more successful
Joan of Arc
Maintaining high standards by developing a team culture that challenges poor performance
Urban Issues
Youth Issues
Environmental Issues
Gender Issues
Things around us
Outer space
Newspaper sales
Why I think I am suitable to be a sales representative with a particular company
A comparison of the movies FIGHT CLUB and A BEAUTIFUL MIND
A famous person, e.g. Mary Pickford, the actress
Preparing for the New World – the future of business
Mysteries in history
The Lindbergh kidnapping case


Published On: 2nd Apr 2009

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